11 Best Image Search Engines to Find Photos Online

This list of best image search engines will help you find interesting photos in the easiest way possible. What to find a great photo or perfect celebrity picture?  You will learn about hidden preferences, unique features that will make you searches images like a professional and actually find the best images possible. Check out these best picture search engines … and lets see their test results on Jessica Alba.

Google Image Search

Google Images Search is probably the most common image search engine you might have used. Gives you thousands of image results very fast. But a limitation is you need to click to the image source page to see the full size image (Power it up with Google Image Ripper to get no more thumbnails and load full size images directly). You can sort u=imby b&W or color, and that too with different specific colors if you want. Image search by Google allows you to select exact image sizes, find icons, or choose options and sizes for extra large images to find wallpaper images. You can also search news content and faces too!. Use more filters to stop that NSFW image with moderate filtering or strict filtering. You can sort by type to find faces, clipart, line drawing, or animated images as well. There is an option to find recently indexed images to find fresh photos of events. Play with the many settings for google images advanced search.

google image search engines

Bing Image Search

Bing Images searches through all images of your choice and is one of the best photo search engines online. One cool option is to search “Showing only images of your desktop size” to find that ideal wallpaper even if you do not know your display settings. Another cool feature is you can drag images from the search results to a scratchpad and create a photo collection. Find related results. You can adjust a slider to see smaller thumbnails and fit in more photos.

bing images

Yahoo! Image Search

Yahoo Image Search will find photos and clicking on images will take you to the source page with a framed interface, with an option to mail to a friend. You can opt for color and b&w by quick links. Select photo size with a wallpaper mode too which gives you images on all usual desktop sizes. It gives related searches too at the bottom of results. Its also powers the AlltheWeb search engine.

yahoo photos

Picsearch | Innovating image search

PicSearch claims to index 3 billion images on the web. All images are output-ed as thumbnails and click through to a framed page with the original source. Selecting the preferences you can select only animations only. You can also sort images by various image sizes based by pixels (Test <50px). And they are family friendly images by default, which cannot be changed.

pic search

Exalead Image Search Engine

Exalead will let you change the background to black or white. Then you can customize it to find few prefixed size desktop wallpapers. It can also search faces. You can again choose color or B&W and image sizes. You can click on options to view direct image links with no frames. Or click the image to browse the images and their source sites in frames.

exalead images

Flickr Community Photos

Flickr Images – Its the top image sharing community on the web sharing their best photos with you. Many unique photos can be found, many personally photographed and with copyrights reserved. You can browse in detailed or thumbnail view. Another option is to sort by View: Most relevant or Most recent or Most interesting pics as judged by the community. A quick feature is to sort by color, shallow depth of field, minimalist images and patterns. Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, which means you can use their content with some rights reserved.

flickr photos

Pinterest Image Boards

Pinterest offers now one of the largest social media image sharing platform where images uploaded and shared by users are easily organized into Pinterest boards and can be tracked in your photostreams. Share and save images to your own photo collections easily. With so many Pinterest pin buttons online, it is easy to save and search images. You will find unique and good quality images online here.

pinterest photos


Photobucket is a huge resource of great images. It is a free online image hosting service that gives webmasters a free alternative to host large images, saving their server bandwidth. Most images might not have a copyright notice, so beware before reusing. This is an opportunity to find unique images not hosted elsewhere. Ad heavy site.

Getty Images

Getty Images Search – They are famous for those unique stock photos you find on magazines, newspapers and corporate new blogs worldwide. Browse through their huge collection and find unique images not indexed by other search engines. In the multiple options, select only Editorial Images (All Editorial, All time). You can also sort by Horizontal or Vertical. Register to get price quote. You can add to boards or search similar images. Corbis now redirects to Getty Images.  You can search through Rights Managed, Royalty-Free images. Free stock photos can also be found at Clipart.com, FreeFoto, Stock.xchng

Warning on Usage – Image search engines help you find the best photos and images online, but that does not make them yours to crop, edit and photoshop. Many of these images you find are copyrighted and for personal use. Some photos are shared with limited creative commons licenses and some rights reserved. Enjoy these best search engines for images but lookout for the copyright notices and if you are allowed to reuse them.


  1. Vikram says:

    This is an Excellent Compilation. I didnt know about many of these Image sites. This is very helpful indeed, and now I have many options to scout for images for my blog posts!

  2. Syahid A. says:

    Very unique compilation. I am going to try Imagery based on your recommendation.

  3. Debby Banning says:

    This is a great list. I thought I was already aware of most of the websites to obtain photos from. I have bookmarked this post and I will definitely refer back to it again.

  4. Gauden says:

    Stumbled Upon this page and I love this list, thanks. I agree that Flickr and its support for Creative Commons is a great resource. I am working on a way to browse and search for interesting images with the CC license on Flickr and browsing easily among them. Here’s the interface — hoping this is in topic and useful…

  5. brent berrett says:

    the slidebay interface is cool.

  6. Greg Aldrich says:

    I added a metasearch capability for images to Widow.com some time back. You can search Google, Yahoo, MSN, Picsearch, and more all at once with Widow Metasearch’s Image Search.

  7. a1hitko says:

    For some reason the your desktop size and scratchpad options on live image search arent showing up for me. I don’t even hav the options for them….there’s a blank space where they should be. Hav any idea why??? Plz tell me why.

  8. Iren says:

    There is another image search engine – Picollator. It is able to search images by content and find pictures containing similar faces.

  9. Alex says:

    Good compilation. However, nothing is about true image search. I mean image search by images, not by text. I can mention at least two new engines focused on the real image search: for shopping and http://ww12.picollator.com/ for anything.

  10. annie says:

    I have always used google to search for images as I wasn’t aware that there are many other image search engines.

    Will definitely bookmark this page.

  11. nck says:

    Find Similar images with https://tineye.com/

  12. daniel says:

    I know a site containing a set of the bestest images and photos classified by major groups, the download is free in this site , those who wanted to visit the site

  13. Gina says:

    These are some handy tips, thanks! I’ve been looking for something else besides the standard google image search.

  14. Clerk says:

    I use Google, find the image I need, host them on www.hostanyimage.com and use whenever I need. The reason I use an image host, coz we simply cannot hotlink to another web page. That’s bandwidth stealing and webmasters may sue you.

  15. Geode says:

    One more I’d consider: CoolIris (www.cooliris.com). Awesome interface!

  16. shanty says:

    i found a great usefull image search

  17. Feotre says:

    also other free image search sites like are available for using google image api.

  18. Monu says:

    best is the image bing.. new search image bing.. http://www.bing.com/images/trending?FORM=ILPTRD

  19. Rich says:

    What’s missing for me is the ability to find out where an image came from. Say you get an email with a cute doggie in it. Who took it? Where did it come from? That technology would be great! The only site I know that tries to do that is TinyEye.com, but their database is smaller than their name.

    • 89118 says:

      Cheers HowardP

      https://tineye.com/ does a great job of finding the same image elsewhere on the web. It does this with exif data. I have a favorite pic that I knew nothing about and have kept it for years waiting to learn more. Came across tineye and in seconds I had enough info to connect the dots.

      Also, a site that will give you the exif data for pics online is findexif.com. Amazingly informative.


  20. Morgan says:

    My school district blocks anything with images – frustrating when trying to create a Powerpoint – but they haven’t gotten to all of these! The majority are blocked, yes, but there are also a few that are quite nice. I wouldn’t have found them without this list. :)

  21. Ran says:

    Additional cool images search engines can be found in Search-22 images search page: https://search-22.com/picture-and-image-search-tools

  22. Andy says:

    Try this image host

  23. Seption says:

    And what about tinEye???

  24. Richard says:

    I would like to bring this one to peoples attention.

    They seem to only find large, quality images, rather than a load of irrelevant small rubbish.

    They claim to visually check every image and, although I find that hard to believe, the results do seem pretty good!

    You even get a large image preview when you hover over the small thumbnail which i really like.

    Also, the image view page gives you far more information about the image then just size. I even saw one with what type of camera the photo was taken with – together with exposure settings!

  25. Ayırma Büyüsü says:

    Very thank for sharing your posts and you review.many people have replyed here,and i would like to take part in.I’d like to share a Proverb with each
    other one here that is:Every day of thy life is a leaf in thy history. A Proverbs wiht great sense,i hope everyone would learn something from it.

  26. Nabil Kadimi says:

    I’ve been using Fotoholder it has no ads, the maximum image size allowed is only 2M but this is all I need…

  27. BlaZoen says:

    Don’t underrate your own site. If you will update this site, it’s probably the best picture search engine site. Maybe you could start a site called “the 15 best ….. site”
    Is there a site that will look up for unknown nameless pictures to find the photographer, artist, name of place, person or statue shown on it? Or did I not look to carefully for it.

    Anyway, thanks a lot.

  28. Richard says:

    I love this one.


    It’s unlike any site I’ve seen and they filter out all the usual garbage you get when searching.

    All images are safe and BIG.

    They claim to check every image visually and I must admit, it makes a difference.

  29. Stoplink says:

    Here another images search engine www.imagesbox.com

  30. Bogdan says:

    Try new site http://www.picdrome.com for free pictures from around Europe, funny pictures and more.

  31. alisher says:

    www.googolizer.com – Search Engine by Google Images

  32. Dheeraj@techreuters says:

    All the image search engines are best but I like the Photobucket and googleiamges themost.

  33. Steve says:

    I use http://pikture.net, they are a safe-search engine for searching images.

  34. Robotuncle says:

    Hi friends,
    I love Robotuncle search engine; beyond hesitation it is extremely efficient.

  35. Fedobe says:

    Thanks for this big list. Really, these search engines are well known for image search.

  36. hrmehrotra says:

    generally i use google image search but some time go for flickr also bcz its also have a huge images data

  37. imgjunkie Image Search says:

    Our new image engine (imgjunkie) conducts searches across the social networks to return collections of images about a particular topic that are shared by users.

    It is a great alternative to algorithmic based engines.

  38. TM Claude says:

    Great resource. Thanks
    Try it pulls from many of the datbases mentioned in the above article at the same time.

  39. Sylvio says:

    AltaVista Image Search
    Lycos Image Search
    AOL Image Search

    whatever has “image search” on it.

  40. Danilo says:

    Imagefap where is ?

  41. Henk says:

    You should add Key2 Datafeed! This nice program is searching images based on a CSV file. Very usefull for Webshop owners !! Take a look at

  42. hitesh says:

    picsearch is nice

  43. Gabriel says:

    I am still trying to find one which allows searching/sorting by size via mobile phone. Even Google Images does not have size filters in their advanced settings when searching via mobile phone. But the option is there on desktop.

  44. Syadur says:

    I visited and read this article. This article is very informative and knowledgeable for me. I have obtain knowledge from this article about image search of search engine.So thank very much for uploading this article.

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