Try Google Experimental Search for Power Googling

We all use Google Search everyday, but have you checked out Google Experimental search by Google Labs, which will provide you alternative ways to search and improve your online search experience.

Try Experimental Google Search to test new features to improve your search experience. Remember you can only try one experiment at one time. If the feedback is good, it might become a part of the regular Google search.

Alternate views for search results – See results on a timeline, map, or in context of other information types. Timeline and map views work best for searches related to people, companies, events and places. Info view shows all the data found for each result, to help you select the best choice. I am trying this one and the view options are really powerful.

Keyword suggestions – As you type your search, Google’s technology provides alternative suggestions to your queries in real time. Also available on Google Suggest. Try that.

Keyboard shortcuts – Navigate search results quickly and easily, minimizing use of your mouse using keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are the secret tools of power Googlers. Get more power with Google cheatsheets.

Left-hand search navigation – Search deeper in a particular type of content patents, products or news. More related category suggestions.

Right-hand contextual search navigation – Similar to the left-hand search navigation, it lets you search deeper in a particular type of content or to search related terms from the right side of the page. See something other than ads.

Of course there are better ways to find images online than Google Images.


  1. Sally says:

    I’ve tried all the 1st three experiments, and I think I love the Keyboard Shortcuts. :)

    I just hate Keyword Suggestions as it’s using AJAX, which isn’t good on dial-up. :P

    Anyways, experimenting is always fun esp. with Google! ;)

  2. K says:

    Ok, this is going to be completely OT, but nevertheless I hope that I can count for an answer from you ;) Do you happen to know whether Dreamhost’s one click WordPress installs are also one click upgrades, or is one supposed to upgrade them manually every time there’s a new WP version, and they save time just during the first installation? ^^”

  3. CurlyBrace says:

    I guess they’re making it up again! I was aware of their experiment a while ago but forgot to try it. I’m using it right now and it really feels 2.0-esque. Definitely what Google needed after a while of being just a plain search engine :)

  4. k?z oyunlar? says:

    really nice service, thanks time to help google

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