Data Privacy Day Today: Promoting Data Protection

North America joins 27 European countries to celebrate Data Privacy Day 2008 today on January 28, which will feature several efforts to promote the importance of data protection.

Celebrating Data Privacy Day, a day-long conference is being held in at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina to bring together leading legal scholars, privacy professionals, and government officials from Europe and the United States to discuss the future of data privacy.

Google joins the data privacy campaign day and you can visit the YouTube Privacy Channel (where thye keep you informed about our privacy policies). Google has released another video that offers a closer look at how cookies work and how web sites and advertisers use them to personalize our online experiences.

Google has further developed a privacy booklet (.pdf) to get an in-depth look into their privacy practices and approach, and have co-sponsored the creation of educational materials (.pdf) on teen online privacy for parents and educators.

Data protection, privacy issues and securing your personal information are buzzwords today and a modern reality. How did you celebrate Data Privacy Day?

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