Verify Your MyBlogLog Community: Claim Ownership

MyBlogLog VerifiedHas your MyBlogLog community got the seal of approval? MyBlogLog introduced a new feature that lets community owners verify their sites by using an authentication code on their blog. After that your community is marked with a tick like ours.

This icon or “seal of approval” that tells visitors that the owner of the site has spent a few minutes proving to MyBlogLog that they have write access to the blog featured on the community page. But why did they introduce this feature?

“The interwebs is a dynamic place. People come and go. Sites change ownership, domains change. We wanted to give people an indicator that the page that they are looking at has a relationship with the website it features and has been “blessed” by its owner.”

As of now, its just a symbol that the blog is verified and the authors and co-authors are the actual people running he community. It is useful when spammers or unauthorized persons create and control your community (another reason to own your community now). In the future they say that it help them promote such sites in a better way and give “special mojo powers”.

Verify your community. They will give you an authentication code – add to a blog post or as a META tag (I did this). Takes a minute, but I hope they make it worthwhile.

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