Blogathon India: 7-Day Blogging Event on Social Issues

Blogathon India is coming to your city early March 2008, as the Indian blogosphere teams up to unite for a seven-day blogging epic to get together and voice concern, opinion and solutions to matters of social importance that India faces every day.

Blogathon India an initiative by the Blogaloreans (community of bloggers based in Bangalore) and supported by Blogging communities from some of the major cities in India is tentatively scheduled for in the 1st week of March 2008. Here is an introduction of what will happen -Blogathon will dedicate one day to a specific social issue and spawn three diverse views on it, published on the Blogathon’s blog at

Participation is simple – just pick a posted viewpoint for the day that provokes you and blog about it. You can share your ideas with using pingbacks, technorati tags, or simply by commenting in with a link to your post. Indian Bloggers will meet on the opening and closing days of the event. On Day 1, the Blogathon will be kickstarted at Evoma, Old Madras Road, as the first topic would be released and on Day 7, everyone can join a fun social gathering at Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

Sanjukta Basu is a Blogathon India Admin who provides more details about the ‘seedy’ issues and role of junta (readers)… Each day of the blogathon week the blogathon blog would publish One broad topic  > Spread across 3 distinct debatable views (Discussion seeds) > For the junta to read and respond. At the end of the day we’d collate all the blogs written on the given topics and post a summary of the same.

It was interesting to know that it started as Blogathon Bangalore and was later expanded to Blogathon India! Hey Indian Bloggers, participate in Blogathon India and make it a success. Its not to be confused with the yearly Blogathon, a 24 hour blogging marathon where bloggers update their site every 30 minutes.

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