Dreamhost Easy Mode One-Click WordPress Blog Hosting

WordPress Blog Hosting was always simple with Dreamhost one-click installation. Now they made it even simpler with an Easy Mode option where they handle all the software management/upgrades, and no files are installed to your account!

One-Click WordPress Blog Hosting

In usual one click wordpress installation, you create the database and hostname etc, they they upload the wordpress into your specified directory. Then you login and run a wordpress blog as usual.

In the Easy Mode, fully hosted wordpress files are not installed on your server, so that saves you storage space (a fraction of the 500GB offered anyway). You can also select from the 50 preselected wordpress themes, and enable some plugins they installed, but the major downside is you cannot customize the themes or install extra plugins.

Once Click WordPress Hosting

However, this Easy Mode WordPress will use your own MySQL database and you retain full control of it. Say goodbye to frequent WordPress upgrades, as they host it, so they upgrade it too and ensure your WordPress blog is always working and fast and correctly configured. Remember, you can easily install to any subdomain in one click.

This is very useful for newbie bloggers to get a feel of blogging on their own domain name, or for creating multiple small wordpress blogs on various subtopics, or showcase new wordpress themes, without the hassle of manually hosting or upgrading them everytime.

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