Born February 29: Happy Birthday Leaplings

Hey! today is February 29. A person born on February 29 is called a Leapling. February 29 is a rare date which comes every 4 years as part of the leap year which has 366 days instead of 365 days. So how do they celebrate their birthdays…

Happy Leap Day2008 is one such lucky leap year when leaplings get to celebrate their birthdays on their actual date of birth. Every other year they settle for February 28 or March 1. Happy Birthday Leaplings.

Were you born on February 29? When do you celebrate your birthday? What is so strange about being born on this day?


  1. GooMoo says:

    Happy birthday Leaplings..’s hard to get birthdy…anyway

  2. xbMagicx says:

    My Grandma was a lucky one, happy birthday to her! Did you know the Swedish had a February 30th in 1712?? That is a birthday quite unlike any other if you ask me. I did some research and posted to my blog if anyone is interested. happy b-day leaplings!

  3. Edgar dantas says:

    tht was a very good one i liked it thnks a lot
    wid regards
    edgar dantas

  4. TJ @ Smartblogtips says:

    Hmm.. i just stumbled upon this post. By the way, i am born on 29th Feb.. so that makes me a leapling.. hurray…

    Think Jayant

  5. winter says:

    my birthday is on 29.2.1988 :)

  6. Someone :O says:

    my birthday is 2/29/1996!

  7. filatio says:

    my birthday doesn’t matter because I am not straight

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