7 Surefire Ways to Leave a Bad Impression

How to leave a bad impression. If you are serious about long-term success, then establishing solid business relationships is simply a must. And, you’ve guessed it: that is never going to happen if you make a habit out of leaving a bad impression time and time again. Here are 7 surefire ways to leave a bad impression and make sure that the person in question will never want to have anything to do with you in the future:

1) Be Full of Yourself

If you want to be certain that a potential business partner will be absolutely disgusted by your presence, then being full of yourself and having a superior attitude is the way to go. Works like a charm each and every time.

2) Brag, Brag and Brag Some More

Yes, you deserve credit for certain accomplishments, but isn’t bragging every 5 seconds during a conversation just a little bit too much? Not the case? Then continue in this manner and you will find out just how wrong you are the hard way.

3) Contradict Yourself

‘Learning how to use our product is so easy, anyone could do it’. ‘It will take some time until you learn how to use it, but afterwards its easy’ – There’s nothing like a few juicy contradictions such as the previously mentioned one, you can rest assured that you will lose every trace of credibility as a result, but be my guest.

4) Bore Potential Partners to Sleep

It’s easy to understand why a long and dull conversation won’t exactly make you look all that great, so if you want to leave a bad impression, boring potential business partners to sleep is the way to go.

5) Don’t Contribute to The Conversation

No, business partners don’t want to work with someone who always agrees with everything and doesn’t contribute, they can simply train a parrot to do just that. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, the results may just prove to be more than worth it.

6) Constantly Have a Negative Attitude

While always agreeing with what others have to say and not voicing your opinion is definitely not a good idea, constantly having a negative attitude isn’t going to cut it either, as it will simply make your presence an unpleasant one. And, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now, a person with such an attitude will never be able to make a good impression.

7) Be Afraid of Responsibility

If you work with a certain business partner and seem to always be afraid when it comes to assuming responsibilities then it’s more than clear that the partnership will not exactly be a long-term one. There’s no room in this industry for people who are afraid to take action, for people who are afraid of responsibility. Get out there, show them what you’re made of and you will not regret it. Of course, there’s always fear of failure, but if you let it get to you then I am afraid that long-term success and leaving a good impression is out of the question.

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