Upload Videos on Flickr: 90 Second ‘Long Photos’

Yahoo! owned Flickr has started competing with Google YouTube to get a piece of the popular video sharing market and advertising segment. Now you can upload and share videos on Flickr, or 90 second long photos as they call it.

Well Video on Flickr has some different rules. Only safe and moderate video content is permitted and you can only upload videos you have created yourself. So if your video is NSFW, be prepared for a warning and deletion of content. Check out some Flickr videos. Its cool how the menu bar vanishes after the video runs.

Since Video on Flickr grew out of the idea of long photos, only 90 seconds of videos can be played. So if you want to share that extra long video, go to Youtube. Individual video files must be smaller than 150MB in size. You can still upload a video that’s longer than 90 seconds, but only the first 90 seconds will play.

Can anyone upload a video? No. Only pro members can upload video content, but anyone can view it, provided they have permission. A pro account costs $24.95 a year, or you can coax someone to gift it.

I tried it but all videos showed up as black squares. The video player is a Flash movie, but I already had a flash player installed. Anyway I installed the latest version of the Free Abobe Flash Player again and it worked.

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NB – As a bonus they doubled the size of photos that can be uploaded  20MB per photo for pro members and 10MB per photo for members with free accounts. Check your account.

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