9Rules Selects QOT! Round 6 Results Out

9rules blogging network has announced the round 6 results and QOT has been selected to join the network. Recently 9rules Vol 3 launched in a new avatar and opened its doors on May 7, welcoming bloggers to suggest their sites in a 24 hour Round 6 submission round.

9rules Byline

Check out the other interesting sites that have been accepted to join the network. They will be contacting the selected members next week, and a member agreement preview was already shared earlier to clarify any doubts. I guess a lot of selected members are still not aware of this announcement unless they subscribed the 9rules feed or were informed by their readers.

Thanks Tyme, Scrivs and Mike. Its an honor to be part of the blogging elite. We are eager to welcome the ‘9rules leaf’ on this site…

Hey! Just spotted that QOT was also selected in Top 20 Wildly Sticky, Successful and Outstanding Blogs on Blogging!


  1. Shankar Ganesh says:

    Congratulations, I didn’t know much about 9rules so never bothered to apply.

    May be next time :)

  2. SATISH ACHAR says:

    Congrats dude….its a great mile stone crossed.

  3. cldnails says:

    Hey, congratulations. That is in no way a small feat! Course now, you have a lot to live up to. ;)

  4. Dj Flush says:

    Congrats! :D This is amazing

    I wish they select my blog next time but the next round is too far :( (in August)

  5. Brajeshwar says:

    Congrats to you.
    I got to know mine after I got the Google Alert containing a linkback to 9Rules.

  6. Mike Rundle says:

    It’s going to be great have QOT as a member especially as I’ve been a reader for so long. Welcome!

  7. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Thanks everyone. Its an honor to be accepted for 9rules.

  8. Daniel Scocco says:

    Congrats man. Hard work pays off sooner or later.

  9. Blogs DNA says:

    WOW..!!! Congrats QOT.. This year is Lucky For QuickOnlineTips.

  10. CypherHackz says:

    Congratulations to you! :D

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