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I told you 9Rules blogging network is opening its doors on May 7 to new blogs with a brand new launch. Now they provide a peek into the new member agreement that the accepted members will have to agree. Its also provides an insight to the blogs and websites which will get accepted. Here are some highlights –

1. Its Fresh and New – they will not be automatically adding or inviting previous members to 9rules. Though that will surely disappoint many previous 9Rulers, but new bloggers with fresh writing style will have a good chance to get in as a lot of slots will open up. Maybe they will have a new set of categories too.

2. No Blogspot Blogs – All serious bloggers should buy their own domain name, webhosting and get wordpress. 9Rules stands for branding and a free blogspot blog speaks otherwise. If you use Google Blogger to run your blog and host on, then its no entry for you. However, if you have your own domain, and republish to your own hosting using blogger, the navigation bar dissappears and that is acceptable to them. of course there are ways to hide the navbar but only bloggers publishing via FTP are allowed to disable it. There is no word about blogs, so they might be acceptable (they do not display any navbar, though there are other disadvantages of

3. Join Multiple Networks – the one content network clause has been removed. Now you can be part of multiple networks. Many top blogs are already part of some blogging network, and if you need great content, you need to let these blogs in. Track more blogging networks.

4. Partial Feeds is OK – If full feeds is not your style, they will also accept blogs with partial feeds as they have no intention to republish your full content. I switched to full feeds and I am glad they will not republish my content in full. Most other networks would demand a full text feed.

5. Articles-Only Feed – Your feed should have no Ads, legal disclaimers, or third party content, etc. – Simply create a new feedburner feed from your source feed. You can edit your wordpress feed manually by editing feed-rss2.php and fix up the source feed. Its also means no Feedflares and no copyright plugins in this feed.

6. Dont be Lazy – 9rules will remove sites lacking updates for 60 days. its difficult to get in, but it needs effort to stay in. If you can’t blog for 2 months, its fair enough.

7. Show Off 9Rules – You will need to display the 9Rules leaf on all pages of your site with a link back to 9rules, though you can alter the color and size of the badge to match your site. Fair enough. Show off that you are a part of 9Rules and improve your branding!

Get ready for 9Rules…. its coming soon and you want to join it.

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