Flogos Flying Logos for Sky Advertising [Videos]

Want to create flying logos to showcase your brand? Flogos is a new form of advertising in the sky, the brainchild of two international special effects inventors, Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover, who wondered what would happen if we could generate clouds into shapes.

Flogos are made from proprietary surfactant (soap) based foam formulations that can last from few minutes to an hour. Once the Flogo generator releases the Flogos, they travel with the direction of the wind flow and can travel 20-30 miles and go as high as 20,000 thousand feet! The Flogo generators are available in stand sizes of 24 inch and 36 inches with larger Flogo generators creating more complex logo designs. One Flogo generator you will produce one Flogo every 15 seconds, so if you want a rush of Flogos, get more. Flogos are currently only available for white clouds and they claim it is 100% environmentally safe.

Flogos Everywhere…

Float your logo (err… Flogo) over the neighbourhood or business district and amaze your new target audience. I see they have SnowMasters offices in US, Australia and Japan.

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