Google TV Ads: Google Adwords on Television!

Want to see you Google Adwords on television. The new Google TV Ads promise to show your ‘Ads by Gooooogle’ to millions of television viewers glued to their TV sets and waiting to click. Google TV Ads is a flexible, all-digital system for easily buying measurable TV advertising and a great way to showcase your business products and services to a new audience.

Google TV Ads for Television Advertising

Google says the program has been invitation-only beta test since June 2007 and is now available to all US-based advertisers. Now you can launch a national television ad campaign right from your existing Google AdWords account!

You can start by visiting the Ad Creation Marketplace to create a television commercial, where industry professionals can provide script writing, editing, production, and voice-over talent. There is a deal where they can reimburse the cost of creating your ad through Ad Creation Marketplace by up to $2,000 as a credit in your Google TV Ads advertising account after it goes live.

You can request a Custom Campaign Proposal to let specialists create a customized campaign to help you get started. Join the webinar (May 7) where experts in TV advertising and will reveal tips on how Google TV Ads can help you drive more web traffic and increase your sales volume turning TV viewers into customers. With Google TV Ads, you can reach over 13 million households nationwide on 94 channels like CNN, ESPN, Discovery, CNBC, FOX, National Geographic etc.

Watch this video about a client’s success with Google TV Ads.

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