Design Favicons for Google

Recently Google changed their favicon, the small logo that appears in the browser location bar, bookmarks and browser tabs. Its seems a large proportion of the blogosphere did not like the favicon and now Google is running a contest for you to help them design Google favicons.

They have already tried a lot of favicons –
Google Favicons

Test you designing skills and Create a Google favicon using the following guidelines – 16 pixel x 16 pixel image, in .png, .gif, or .ico of size 5 KB with 32 bit alpha transparency.

They suggest some ideas that might work for you.
* Make the shape and profile visible.
* Incorporate some or all of the letters in “Google.”
* Utilize the primary colors that are used in the Google logo.
* Avoid being product specific.
* Be timeless.

Submit the favicon idea by June 20, 2008 and your favicon could be visible on billions of pageviews on Google properties. Try Favicon from Pics or Favicon Generator to convert your images to favicons and get started, but remember the guidelines. You can also try a professional icon editor and icon software like Microangelo to create original stunning favicons.

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