5 New Advertising Networks for Bloggers

Have you checked out these 5 New Advertising Networks for Bloggers? Advertising is a lucrative business and as publishers and webmasters are looking beyond Google Adsense to add more advertisements and earn more money; new ad services are emerging over the horizon. Bloggers can join these networks to optimize their advertising revenue.

1. Forbes Blog Network – Managed by Adify, they place 2 or more large rich media banner ads on your site which pay on a CPM basis. They have joined over 400 top blogs and the Forbes brand definitely enhances the branding of your site too. We joined the network recently.

2. Technorati Media – The fresh new face of Technorati, that is joining in Bloggers from all niches on a limited basis. Promising high CPM, and a huge blogosphere presence, its a big one to look out for. We got a positive feedback and few queries awaiting our application.

3. Unruly Media – runs viral video campaigns and primarily targets UK visitors on a pay-per-view basis. Not so new, but we recently joined this network and are successfully targeting UK visitors with our free OpenX ad server.

4. Adphilia – Adphilia is the individual advertising network, currently operating on an invitation only basis. They select the best publishers and aim to maximise the potential of advertising inventory on their sites. We were honored to be invited by them.

5. BuzzLogic – the newest network that is initially targeting US visitors and promises to pay $2 CPM, up to $200 per month, during the beta period (June 18 – July 18). The blogosphere is lining up…

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