5 Free Softwares You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Here is a list of 5 free softwares you can’t afford to miss.

1. Mobile Me
Mobile Me is a new Apple Software which allows your data to be updated once and used anywhere. MobileMe stores all your email, contacts etc. as a cloud and pushes them down to your iPhone, iPod, Mac, and PC. Once you update anything in your iphone (or any mobile phone) Mobile Me will automatically update all your devices. [Update: This software costs $99/yr as of date, but the guest author has commented below that a free evaluation version is out soon].

2. Pixel Cryptor
PixelCryptor allows you to smartly encrypt your data using picture and image files and later can be decrypted using the same picture on your computer or the one where PixelCryptor is installed. The advantage is that you can create your own images too which are more unique than password.

3. Log Me In
If you need total access to your home PC from anywhere in the world, then use LogMeIn, which allows you to virtually access your desktop anywhere in the world with a single click. Go to Products and grab LogMeIn free version. Just install this software on the remote desktop you want to access. Thats it!

4. Open Office
OpenOffice, is a Microsoft Office like suite that has already been a major breakthrough to make Word, Excel etc. documents accessible for free rather than using Microsoft’s Office which is a paid software. Other features of OpenOffice include creation of Presentations and now Open Office 3.0 also supports PDF editing.

5. iSpring
If you are looking to convert you powerpoint presentations into flash presentations with no knowledge of flash, iSpring is the solution. This new software can convert any presentation of yours to flash presentation for free. The best advantage is that you can convert big size presentations into a few MBs of size only.

This guest article is written by Manpreet Singh, who writes on web, tech news, blogging, making money, and productivity at cyberspirits.net. If you want to share your expert tips, why not guest blog on QOT.

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