Digg Toolbar: Digg Faster in Firefox

The immensely popular Digg has launched the Digg Toolbar, a Firefox browser extension that promises to integrate Digg with your browser, stay connected in real time and really change the way you use Digg.

What does the Digg Toolbar do?

  • When viewing any website, it will let you know how many Diggs and comments it got, or show a submit button if not yet submitted. And you can then easily submit the story from there.
  • Hide the toolbar – click the Digg guy in the navigation bar, and its gone.
  • See Latest Popular Content – view new stories become popular on Digg in a small notification window at the bottom of the browser. Choose from the topics and media types of your choice.
  • See what your friends are Digging. Receive notifications when you friends Digg, submit, or comment on stories.
  • All notifications can be snoozed to temporarily turn them off.
  • Customize placement of notification window, how long it displays, and how links should be opened.

Here is a video explaining the functioning of the Digg Toolbar. Check more Amazing Digg Tools and these 50 best Firefox extensions.


  1. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    i tried it.. its simple.. and works like a charm.. you can instantly digg articles, hide the toolbar and turn off those annoying notifications.. good share!

  2. Jason says:

    why doesn’t the digg count/comment count show up for me on my PC? i am running vista with firefox 3.


  3. Harris says:

    Kind of cool I guess, but everyone these days has a toolbar of some kind.

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