Create Panoramic Views with Microsoft Image Composite Editor

You can easily create Panoramic Views with Microsoft Image Composite Editor. Panoramic photography is one of the most fascinating forms of art. Professional photographers use some specific equipment to correctly perform this photography technique. However, now the camera technology is making such forms of art possible from a regular digital camera as well and it makes it look good too.

Lets look at one such application from Microsoft which stitches multiple pictures together to create a panorama. This software is called Microsoft Image Composite Editor and it was recently released in Beta on Microsoft Research portal.

Stitch multiple photos to create panoramic view

Let’s take a quick look at how it works. I took three pictures to be used as an example in this post.

Copy the pictures from the camera memory to your computer. Launch Microsoft Image Composite Editor and just drag the pictures and drop them on it. This application reads the images and stitches them together effortlessly and shows you the first view of the panorama.

In first view, use little dots around the image to adjust the crop margins

In addition Composite Editor lets you adjust the center of curvatures of the image. Click on the Grid-like icon next to the crop icon as shown in the image below.

Now you get more options based on Projections which will let you further adjust the image for the perfect balance

Before exporting take a look at the options available in the bottom pane of the application. These options let you improve the quality of the image and let you export the image in different formats.

See all the Exporting options

As you can see in the image above, it lets you export images in different formats including HD and Deep Zoom (Silverlight) and in Photoshop (.PSD) format with layers. I have used a few softwares including AutoStitch to create panoramic views but I found ICE (Image Composite Editor) faster and easy to use and did I tell you its a freeware?

And this is what those three pictures look like when stitched together

So, download it and create as many panoramic views you possibly can.

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