MTNL Launches 3G Mobile Services in India

Its a major telecom milestone, and 3G mobile services have finally launched by MTNL in New Delhi, which ushers in a new era for telecom in India and iPhone 3G customers must finally be smiling.

mtnl 3gHowever, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) has launched 3G enabled Mobile services for its Delhi Network only and will cover only selected Delhi areas like Connaught Place, Sanchar Bhawan, Rajaji Marg, India Gate, Pragati Maidan, Delhi Gate and Minto Road. MTNL is the first Mobile operator in India to launch 3G services and calls it MTNL 3G Jadoo. The commercial tariff would be announced and registration shall start after the commercial launch a couple of months later.

3G Mobile services would enable MTNL Dolphin and Trump subscribers to enjoy Video Telephony. Customers can watch and talk simultaneously through Video Call; High speed internet for smart-phones and Laptop from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps and lots of data related VAS services like Mobile TV, Location surveillance, Streaming Video on Demand, Gaming etc.

It would particularly benefit iphone 3G users who long awaited the release of 3G mobile spectrum in India, though the iPhone is still an expensive gadget to own in India. But iPhone users are subscribed to Airtel and Vodafone, while the 3G services have started on MTNL. Lets hope more telecom operators get 3G enabled to benefit more mobile subscribers.



    thats great to hear the first 3G service provider in india! MTNL rocks. and a speed of 256kbps to 2Mbps will definitely rock yarr

  2. lakshman kumar says:

    i would like to know what is the price
    of 3g jadoo.and when it will be available in all
    places in india

  3. chandramani says:

    yaar sab to theek hai par u.p. Mei kab tak ayega

  4. Sabir says:

    Mumbai me kab ayega 3g? i m wating please inform me jab aa jaye.

  5. gurdev says:

    punjab mein kab aayega 3g bhaji

  6. rohan gajjar bopal says:

    gujarat me kab aayega 3g?

  7. arun says:

    this has advance techonology in india but not in world
    so very happy to coming india that countries which are provide 3g service
    but how many time to take provided this service in all india

  8. Himadri Sekhar says:

    It is a great news 4 Delhi people! But we d people of Assam will get such facility after five years!

  9. Marcelo Goswami says:

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