Apple iPhone 3G Price in India Starts Rs 31000

Vodafone has announced the price of Apple iPhone 3G in India. The 8GB iPhone and 16GB iPhone will be available for Rs 31000 and Rs 36100 respectively in Delhi and you have to pay extra for data and voice plans. Now that is expensive.

Apple iPhone Pricing in India

Apple iPhone is being released in India on August 22 and Vodafone and Airtel will officially sell iPhones in India. Vodafone has announced their iphone pricing plans, but Airtel is yet to officially do so. The data and voice plans rates have yet to be officially announced. Compare this with iPhone pricing plans in US on AT&T. The price will definitely be a limiting factor for sales in India.

Vodafone had earlier opened pre-registration for the Apple iPhone. If you had pre-registered with Vodafone, then you can grab the iPhone before others do. Visit select Vodafone Stores between August 20 and 21 and confirm your booking by paying Rs 10000 through cash or credit card and show the iPhone booking SMS, which you received when you visit the Vodafone Store to make the deposit. They will give you an appointment date and time starting August 22, when you can come and experience a full demonstration as well as collect your iPhone 3G, all ready to use with your contacts and settings, by paying the balance amount.

Remember you will need a Vodafone connection for your iPhone 3G if you use their plans. They have limited iphone stocks and available on a first come, first serve basis. The launch day buzz is always great to look out for. Be prepared for the long lines at stores soon.

Update: Looks like Vodafone just removed the price from that link. Maybe they are rethinking the pricing.


  1. srinivas says:

    What Rs. 8557 phone for Rs. 31000. This is probably the biggest joke of the year. That is why we Indians prefer to get these gizmos from foreign market and unlock them. Very poor pricing strategy from Vodafone. Vodafone are you hearing, this is India.

  2. MAYUR says:

    i- phone rate is very costly,but the i -phone aviable in india,i phone “s are low battry pack up ,my brother is use the phone,the i-phone service station are not aviable genral citis, in only metro citi”s the i phone is best phone but”the phone cost is only19000 ,is depend on india goverment.and compair with the i -phone mobail service.

  3. Tushar Desai says:

    This is really bad though not surprizing at all. We expected such unreasonable price for this black beauty. I think people should hold off from buying this right now for 2 reasons A) 3G is not yet available B) Vodafone and Airtel are taking undue advantage of our long wait!

  4. Saravanan says:

    As MNCs Vodafone and Apple might having looting kind of intension by fixing such a BIG price, wondering, how Airtel agreed this price..!

  5. Vikram says:

    Guys – You must remember that the Iphone is subsidised in the US and the UK because a consumer need to take up a 2y and 18month contract respectively. The Iphone through Vodafone in NZ without a contract is approx $1100 (INR 32,000) approx and is proced the same in Australia without a contract.
    O2 in the UK will be releasing their pay as you go (aka prepaid in India) prices for the Iphone. These prices are rumoured to be 399 for the 8gb, again very similar to the India pricing. ATT in the states is considering prepaid services for the Iphone. Expected price $599 for the 8GB.
    Its not just India, but prices for the Iphone without a contract is high worldwide.

  6. zahid-venus gudalur says:

    What Rs. 8990 phone for Rs. 31000. This is probably the biggest joke of the year. That is why we Indians prefer to get these gizmos from foreign market and unlock them. .

  7. Francis says:

    This is absurd pricing still Vikram, what an absurd strategy by apple-vodafone/airtel. instead they could keep a 2 year contract with a nominal monthly rental and reduce the price as well. Because anyway they are locked phones in india too with that price. This price will never work in india. And still the mobile phone market in that 3g range will still be ruled by the bulky n series NOKIA phones, i guess.
    Or we could wait for samsung omnia instead. :)

    • Manik says:

      ya but its is the same everywhere buddy even in australia and newzealand u will have to take a monthly plan of 69 to 100 dollers which is 3000- 4000 indian ruppees a month for 2 years, so think about dat and even if u wanna buy it its 800 dollars which is around 36000 indian ruppees but still ppl buy it here.In india this phone will not work only because ppl don’t earn that much.Price is same in every country.

  8. Mans says:

    Another classic example of where all the top thieves survive is this release of Apple 3G Iphone in India. 31000INR??? Are you freaking kidding me? I bought one in US for just $199 (approx. Rs.8000)… Dude, India is going down the drain… There is no wonder people opt for foreign goods and why wouldn’t we? if we are getting genuine products at an honest price… The only way to standup against this is not to buy from these sellers… But some people just can’t wait… Anyway, its people’s money and they can spend it the way they want… But the Indian companies are fooling the people… To hell with them, I ain’t buying Indian.

    • s sam kumar says:

      can i use the iphone 3gs which bought in us, can i freely use with any gsm sim in it. or is it waste of money putting on it for 199$ in us. otherwise wait and bought in india with Rs.31000/-

  9. Arun says:

    Don’t be crazy to buy iphone 3G by paying Rs.31000
    instead go for HTC Touch Diamond(4GB) or HTC Touch Cruise or
    Nokia N76 that has mobile TV,16GB Flash memory,Wi-Fi

  10. shahnawaz says:

    Hello All,

    dnt even think of i phone for some time ,As the fools with big pockets will be going to take this..No doubt we have waited a lot..But 32000 is a wastage of money…yaar..its rediculous..I am going to sue these people.believe me it will come to 10 to next 6 mnths…from 3 gb to 16 gb.


    • Manik says:

      Next 6 months…ahahahahah its has been a year and the price is still around 30000…..Dude i phone is a huge thing not jus only in india but all around the world….jus wait for 1-2 month i phone GS is commin and its gonna b even more expensive then the old one..

  11. Ashish p says:

    it’s not worth of the money we pay……its rediculous…its just like selling a nokia 1100 for 10,000…fools

    • ravi says:

      Dude if u’ll use it then u’ll know that it is worth spending that much money…..its the best phone in the world specially the new model I phone GS

  12. asif says:

    Atrocious price,I would rather buy it from an overseas market,at present few people will buy it just for snob value,the craze will fizzle out very soon and then the price will crash..

  13. Asif says:

    iPhone which is available in around 8k in US is available at 31K in India. Does iPhone company think Indians are stupid and they will buy?

    I am not gonna buy it even if I get it at half the price as still its too costly compare to US price.

  14. kiran kumar says:

    even if i have 200 crores of of black money , i dont buy this such a stupid ,costly phone.instead i buy china handset which is just 4h which has better features than this stuff.

  15. akhil says:

    i was very exicted 4 the i phone and its does not matter for me whats the cost of i phone because if the price of i phone will be less then the craze of i phone will be finshed

  16. kafeel says:

    Pricing Plans in US—–

    AT&T has announced iPhone 3G pricing plans for new and existing AT&T customers as the iPhone 3G prepares for sale at AT&T retail stores from July 11, 2008. There are some good deals to look out for, but do check the fine print to find the iphone tariff plan that works for you.

    Apple has earlier informed that iPhone 3G will be priced for $199 (8GB model) and $299 (16GB model). Now these prices require two-year contracts and are available to iPhone customers who purchased before July 11, customers activating a new line with AT&T and current AT&T customers who are eligible, at the time of purchase, for an upgrade discount. Existing AT&T customers who are not currently eligible for an upgrade discount can purchase iPhone 3G for $399 for the 8GB model or $499 for the 16GB model for a new two-year service agreement. Check more pricing details here.

  17. shakeel says:

    arrreee………… yaar, kitna luutoge INDIA ko??????? ha!

    kuch to sharam karo. baaki ki COs itne saste me mobs bech rahi he aur ek aap ho ke…..

    try to understand yaar.. market me tikna bhi he ya nhi?

  18. amitjak says:

    I have been using Iphone 2G for long time, like 6 months, and never had any problem with it. The phone is awesome and other any phone cant stand with it.About price some guys does not know any thing moreover over news channel and media also know nothing. Price is fine, its same as in other countries. Everybody is looking for $200, dont you know they have to pay minimum $70 per month for plans. And about features like0-
    1. Video recording- i do video recording using iphone just need to install 3rd party application.
    2.No sms forwarding-who says just install one more software and thats it. like this hell of lots of application available for iphone which makes it wonderful device you wont find that much application for any other device
    Let me tell you one thing its just like a PC apple has given you a Computer with Windows installed now if you know anything about it then install softwares and take advantage of device and if you dont know anything then keep saying like this that its has not that or that.

    one more thing Nokia, what is this you all are talking about N95 what the hell phone is this, hangs up instantly, nothing man i have used nokia many phones, Till now Nokia does not know how to make a good phone with good speed, You people take Nokia with eye shut, 5 Mega pixel does not make any phone good.

    on the other hand Apple Iphone so smooth never stucks, awesome.
    I thing its enough and use Iphone and then Write something about it, You cant say about any thing about Iphone as its the only phone you need to use it to feel it.


    • pritR0Cks canada says:

      amitjal is absolutely correct.

      I am using this 3GS for 2 months and this iphone rocks. used nokia HTV touch motorola.. but you cannot compare.. apple with orange .. this is the scenerio.. use it and then compare it with other phone.

      prices are rediculious.. I agree but try to buy from grey market. unlocking this phone is no buig deal at all. its simple.


    • abinavd says:

      hey i have been using iphone 3g since an year, and now i have my 3gs, its the best phone you can get right now. now you guys may be wondering how am i am using 3g or 3gs you should be little clever to do that,the jailbreaking process is very simple and then you can use any sim card…
      comming to nokia i was one of the fans of nokia but after getting my iphone and year ago, i felt nokia sucks,it hangs except fr the 5MP camera,nothing is good from nokia

  19. amitjak says:

    And one more thing Dont buy it from Airtel and VOdafone just get it from the gray market it, it should be about 25000 as i asked some days back in Gaffar market New Delhi the 2G iphone is just for Rs-21000, its damn good deal, cant get better then this, and use any sim, no plans nothing just like other phones.

  20. khalil Ahmad says:

    Really iPhone price is not justified in present market scenario, otherwise it is excellent, it will not hang than others. Furthermore, it gives you just like a natural interface. Now money does matter. iPhone manufacturer cost is not just more than $100(i think so). What is the logic to buy it at 9 times more price! why not less!

  21. Martin says:

    The IPhone has flopped badly in Australia as well its a crappy poory made product anyway with the same design cues apples had since 95 who cares about there crap anyway..

  22. Nirbhay says:

    WOW.. you seem to be a very detail oriented person..

    thanks a lot for sharin ur knowledge.. :)

  23. jollypal says:

    That iPhone 3G S really looks neat, just hope I can get a nice AT&T plan with it.

  24. amol says:

    iphone is the best phone avlbl in india market..i hv recently purchased it for 32000…go for it withut hv a second thought…apple ,apple apple….it’s class 2 keep an iphone…

  25. pritR0Cks canada says:

    some ppl say.. iphone is not successful in some countries but its not true. demand is so much that apple cannot fulfill there orders.. I waited for 1 month to get my phone in CANADA.

    same model us successful for last 3 yrs in N.America. and other company changing there phone and style every month. GO FIGURE….

    try to get good plan and you will never go wrong.

  26. preethi says:

    iphone is superb ,may be quite expensive but stil worth it since almost from 2yrs price has not come down a single penny so it is giving a good competition as many of them have mentioned ,speed is good very soft touch screen, only problem is it is not affordable for everyone .i waited for 1 year so tat price wil come down but finally purchased it for the same old price just wasted my time. in uk its price is 342 pounds for 8gb,440 for 16gb and 530 for 32gb for iphone 3gs .guys if u have enough money buy it ,otherwise dont think of it.IPHONE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKS

  27. abinavd says:

    my best advice is get an i phone, jailbreak it and then use it like any other phones,for futher information
    {amitjak}, read this guys reply…..he is giving you adress from where to get i phone with out any silly plans..
    remember te new i phone 3gs rocks
    its worth the money

    • anoop says:

      just want to know where i get 3g 32GB APPLE IPONE in black market in india just want to know the price too

  28. saheb says:

    frd same hanset and good handset are avaliable wth china mobel for around 2500 to 3000 in pune same facility u cannot find any difference between china and apple.

    only wifi feature is not avaliable rest same as apple so go for it i am using it science 4 months good

  29. Praveen says:

    Man….thnx fur sharing ur experiences…Helps fur a better mobilistic future!!!

  30. Atul Shah says:

    U can buy Iphone in India throu have a merchant tie up with brands across globe including Amazon, best buy & that enables you to shop sitting in India. A full landing price (including fixed shipping) tells you exactly how much a product will cost you.

  31. saim says:

    Are iPhone apps going to present double scaled? Is the experience going to be quirky as it is with the iPad? Are apps rotated accordingly when the iPhone is held upside down? Are there going to be new apps that can’t be executed in the iPhone, 3G, and 3GS?

  32. keurig k cups says:

    i am needing to place an order soon for my Keurig. what are your favorite K-CUPS????

  33. Nokia says:

    The Nokia N76 features a slim body and gorgeous internal display. The multimedia-centric smart phone is equipped with a fairly robust media player, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 2-megapixel camera. Sound quality for calls and music is also good.

  34. Manish paul says:

    Apple iPhone was still highly price in India but it gives shocking features which really schoked & it was thebest phone for business man’s

  35. forklift hire says:

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