Download Free JPG Magazine PDF Issues

JPG Magazine is a very popular photography magazine, published six times a year by 8020 Media, and now you can download free archives of the magazine, as it is closing down in a few days.

jpg magazine logo JPG Magazine has a strong community of nearly 200,000 photographers who share their photos and stories online, review the work of others, and help make the magazine by voting for their favorite photos. It was a proud moment when a photograph was selected for publication in JPG Magazine. Moreover, if your photo is published, you get a free year subscription and $100!

Now hit by the economic recession, will shut down on January 5, 2009. So now is the time to download free archives as pdf of previous JPG magazine back issues, outtakes, and photo challenge selections. I downloaded some JPG Mag issues and the photograph collections are truly amazing.

You could subscribe JPG magazine for $20 for 6 issues (in US), but with growing popularity of free online photo sharing services like Flickr, their business model must surely be hit. You can also buy the first six issues at which were the inspiration for the new JPG Magazine.

Make note of your favorite photographers, with names and URLs of some of the people you’d like to stay in touch with. You can keep track of your friends at the Unofficial JPG Magazine Group on Flickr (over 18000 members), a group for friends of JPG Magazine.

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