Transfer AOL Pictures to American Greetings PhotoWorks

AOL Pictures online photo service is shutting down today on December 31, 2008 at midnight. However, they have partnered with American Greetings PhotoWorks to enable continued access to your pictures.

aol picturesCurrently AOL pictures users are offered 3 options –
1. Download pictures to your computer
2. Buy a DVD archive of your pictures
3. Transfer your pictures and albums to American Greetings PhotoWorks (Now part of Shutterfly)

PhotoWorks! is a leading online personal publishing company and photography community acquired by AG Interactive, media subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation, in 2008. It allows users to share and store their digital photos, host personalized Web pages and Storefronts, build communities and use their digital images to create quality photo-personalized products.

If you host your images on AOL pictures, you must hurry as the online photo site will be permanently closed and you will not be able to access your photos through AOL Pictures any more. After this date, you will no longer be able to buy a DVD archive or download images to your computer from AOL Pictures also. Hurry.

However, a quick look at the FAQ reveals that if you miss the December 31, 2008 deadline to retrieve your photos from AOL Pictures, they will still be available through American Greetings PhotoWorks. You need to register a American Greetings PhotoWorks account and confirm your AOL Pictures user ID and password before June 30, 2009. After that images will no longer be accessible either through AOL Pictures or American Greetings PhotoWorks.


  1. betty paul says:

    what are the cost and how do i send pix from my computer

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    To get your archive on DVD, the printed cost is as follows
    1 – 500 pics- $14.99
    500 – 1,000 pics- $19.99
    Each additional 1,000 pics- $4.99

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Ken – I read the terms here

    There is no fee to open an account at or any other Web sites hosted by PhotoWorks, Inc.

  4. krissy knox says:

    I have already transferred my photos to PhotoWorks. There is a much worse situation we former AOL bloggers must contend with, however. Actually there are many things AOL didn’t consider when they quickly decided that we should be hosted elsewhere, and decided we belonged at Blogger. But I’ll name only one of the mistakes AOL made.

    AOL had us migrate improperly. Let me see if I can explain this correctly. I had a Google PR of 4 or was it 5 when I was at AOL. I believe 4. When I went to Blogger it instantly became 0. Now it is -1. I used to get a lot of traffic from Google. Now I am not even listed in Google except through Twitter. I am very upset and need to contact Google and let them know that we were not properly moved.

    What has happened is that our AOL blogs are “redirecting” to our new Blogger blogs. If I type my former AOL blog URL into the Google search box, my blog comes up. It then redirects to my new blog, which then comes up. Google is thinking I am “redirecting” traffic to my new blog.

    Redirecting, as I am sure you know, is putting up a site or blog that exists to redirect traffic to a new blog or site. To think I am doing this is ludicrous. If google would check out my site, they would see that my AOL blog doesn’t even exist anymore. How could I possibly be using it for redirection?

    You may say that they are using a plugin, some kind of software, and how would they know about my one single blog. Everyone makes mistakes. Well, this is what I say to that. If it is happening to me, it must be happening to ALL of those who came from AOL.

    Those who came from AOL are sometimes a naive lot. Shh, don’t say I said so. Most don’t know about Google SEO or PR, don’t monetize or even know they can, don’t know what redirecting means, don’t know that their blogs are not being indexed and don’t have backlinks, don’t know that they were getting traffic from Google and no longer can because their PR dropped. They also don’t know about blogs that will help them make their blogs better. I have mentioned SEO and other terms, and they just say, “huh???”

    So why do I care about Google fixing ALL of the former AOLers who brought their blogs to another platform? Maybe it’s the principle of the thing. Maybe it is because they would want more readers and commentators if they could get them through SEO. I know they would! I know I WOULD. And it’s the principle of the thing. If we are supposed to be in google and indexed, we are supposed to be in google and indexed. Now I am off to talk to google to see if they will fix the problem. Perhaps after I persuade them into fixing the problem, no demand that they do, you can put word out in your blog, notifying those formerly from AOL that their blogs are fixed and how to get their blogs indexed by Google. If you do this I will send the readers your way via my blog. I have a lot of readers at times. By the way, I am subscribing to your blog. I like it. It’s very practical.

    If you’re wondering, I found you through Twitter.

    Thanks for listening. I hope it was okay to put this problem in here. If you want to talk more about the issue you can DM me. I’ll leave my twitter address below.

    krissy knox :)

  5. Carol Calvert says:

    When my pictures were on AOL, I could include one of them in my email. That is no longer possible. I’ve transferred my photos to American Greetings PhotoWorks. Is there some way I can now include a photo in an email?

  6. Margie Caldwell says:

    How do I get my pics. I already transferred them to photoworks last year now I don’t know how to see them

  7. MARIE says:

    When my pictures were on AOL, I could include one of them in my email. That is no longer possible. Ive transferred my photos to American Greetings PhotoWorks. Is there some way I can now include a photo in an email?

  8. Ruth Laitner says:

    I am 86! I don’t understand this but I do want to transfer to Photo Works – don’t want to loose my pictures. Please guide me – Thank You

  9. Norma Ellertson says:

    I don’t want to lose all my pictures, but not sure how to keep them with American Greetings PhotoWorks.

  10. Cindy says:

    I am trying to get my pictures sent to PW but I cant get into aol pictures and according to the photoworks help desk I need to log in at aol pictures in order to have my pictures sent over. Is there something I’m missing here? Ohh and I have tried everyday for a week to log onto, I have also used different computers with different connection capabilities. have they shut down early? or are they using a different address?

  11. judy james says:

    i also dont know how to find my pictures please help me get my pictures back i transfer to american greetings

  12. ROD RAGAZZO says:

    How do I recapture all the pics I had on AOL?

  13. Howard Grabill says:

    Rod, Did you have any luck? I too am up against the same stone wall. Thanks, Howard Grabill

  14. Gadgets Review says:

    Today everyone seems to be get engaged with social media and twitter and you have mentioned all of the suspects through which people can do social media. You said very well that every one should be careful to do so and thats great

  15. george hoke says:

    I had some pictures on photoworks, can I transfer them to american greetings photoworks?
    Georgew Hoke

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