Gmail Gives 5 Seconds to Stop, Cancel, Undo Sent Email

Now you can stop your email, cancel it and undo send your Gmail! Do you wish you could press back or stop a wrong email message from whizzing across the internet. Gmail has introduced an undo feature which gives you a 5 second window to stop, cancel and undo a sent email. A great feature everyone always wanted.

Undo Send Email

Gmail now lets you cancel sending email when the send email button is already clicked

email cancel

Once the email is sent, it allows you to undo the email message

undo gmail

And the email is grabbed and safely sent back and undone.

email unsent

Undo Email is a Gmail Labs feature, which means it is not activated by default, and you need to enable the feature for it to work. The feature is so useful, that I believe it should be activated by default for all Gmail users. Its the most useful email feature ever, activate undo email now. I can recall how many times I needed to use this feature.

In Gmail > Settings > Labs > Undo Email > Enable > Save Changes

Try Undo Send and you will see this is the best feature you must enable today.


  1. Syahid A. says:

    They are churning out more and more cool tricks inside Gmail. This one is a must have for the trigger happy email users. :D

  2. PC Fan says:

    I like this feature from Google. The first ever in the email tech.

  3. Rajan says:

    Wow, really nice feature. It worked for my custom domain email too!
    Thanks buddy!

  4. Rezkizuka says:

    thank you, but i’ve sent it 2 days ago, can i still cancel it? thanx for the info. im waiting for the solution.

  5. cocoy says:

    I just cancelled an email using this features like 5 seconds ago! whew! disaster saved

  6. NSE says:

    I do not have labs icon in my settings tab, what to do. Regards

  7. DP says:

    I’ve enabled the lab feature, but don’t see the stop/cancel button when I’ve tested stopping an email.

    Can anyone help?

  8. Russ says:

    Just tested this and it didn’t work for me

  9. Kunal says:

    How to undo a mail when I am not able to see the Undo link. Lets say I have just send a mail, then clicked some other link and then I want to Undo sending it..where I can find this Undo link now?

  10. Kunal says:

    but for this there is forget attachment option too.

  11. Martina Thomas says:

    Excellent feature of Gmial. Here is the video tutorial of this feature.

  12. Green Times says:

    The Undo Sent Email feature is not listed in the labs tab. I use Firefox. Is that the issue?

    • P. Chandra says:

      Undo Send has now become a default feature in Gmail. All users have it. You can change the time in the Gmail settings.

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