The Big List of Top Women Bloggers

Who are the and best women bloggers lists across the world. As the world celebrates International Women’s day today, we have collected the most popular and great women bloggers to add to your RSS reader.

Women Bloggers

World’s Best Women Bloggers

  • Fifty Most Influential Female Bloggers – “As it is often the case with technology, blogging can seem like a boys club to many, but the average blogger is no longer (if they ever were) a geeky, twenty-something man from the US. Strong, interesting women are taking over the blogging world.”
  • 101 Women Bloggers to Watch for 2009! – scours the internet to find these amazing women bloggers and present them to the readers of WE Magazine for Women. There are business blogs, personal blogs, relationship blogs, hobby blogs, travel blogs, blogs about kids, pets, travel, food, health, women, men, shopping, fashion and more.
  • 100 Must Read Blogs By Women! – The list is compiled ‘In honor of these hardworking and insightful ladies’ and are all written with an engaging, unique voice that they bring to their subject matter.
  • Women in Tech: The Bloggers – FastCompany shares 11 of the Web’s most talented writers.
  • Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers – ranked by the average of Technorati ranking and Alexa ranking, this regularly updated list tracks the helps you find new and interesting blogs from great Aussie blogging women.
  • 20 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2009 – “You may not have heard of some of these ladies, but you will. This list isn’t about stats, Technorati links, or Twitter followers because who cares? Show us the content! Whether they blog about everyday life, work and family, or women’s empowerment and accomplishments these ladies are positive, uplifting, and most of all they provide a unique view.”
  • 500+ Women Political Bloggers – another regularly updated collection with links to 500 women blogging about politics
  • The W-List – Gathering a List of Outstanding Women Bloggers. “Are there truly 5+ to 1 men bloggers to women bloggers? Why should we care? We should care because women are great at conversation, strategy, and writing.”
  • BlogHer: Who Are Your Favorite Women Bloggers? RWW share some links to their favorite women bloggers and some favorites web celebs you may or may not know.
  • Top 100 Female Bloggers – Claims to be one of the first lists dedicated only to female bloggers showcasing their contribution to the blogging world.
  • 100 Awesome Webmaster Blogs by and for Women – A discovery of over one hundred women in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), public relations and marketing, design, business, social media and in IT.
  • Top 10 Women Real Estate Bloggers – “Having personally met each of the women within this elite group, we can honestly say that they all possess the very best qualities that we’d expect in a real estate professional.”
  • The Best Female Bloggers Of 2008 -“From futurists to postfeminists, octogenarians to mommies, nonbloggers to celebrities, we’ve rounded up the best bloggers who happen to be women.”
  • 27 Inspiring Women Edubloggers – a slideshow showcasing some of the best female edubloggers out there
  • 15 Amazing Women in Blogging – “Some of the following ladies blog for themselves, others blog for a network, and a few even run their own blog network. All in all, there are some amazingly talented women making their mark on the blogosphere.”
  • 10 best Mom Blogger Resources – Follow hundreds of mommy bloggers as they talk about their children, parenting, motherhood and busy lifestyle.

We will keep this list updated. If there is a list of great women bloggers you know of, let us know in comments and we will add it here. Photo by NotionsCapital.

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