Exchange Old Video Games for Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon has launched a Video Games Trade-In Store which lets you exchange old video games for Amazon Gift cards which can be used to buy new video games to play with. Its a win-win deal for gamers.

How does it work? If you have old video games to trade, go to the Video Games Trade-In Store and find games that you want to trade. Then print a prepaid shipping label (free US shipping) and drop it in the mail. After the games are verified by the merchant, an Gift Card will be deposited into your account within 2 days, which you can use to buy hundreds of eligible items at

But there are some rules before you start packing your video games

  • Games must be in good condition, with all components
  • Your trade-in shipment must be valued at $10 or more
  • The game version must match the version in the store
  • Original packaging required (manual, cover art, case etc)
  • Postmarked no later than 7 days after submission

So what if your game is not accepted? They promise to ship it back to you around 14 days after receipt.

Trade in games are available for multiple Gaming consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, GameCube) and Handheld consoles (Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance).

Now is a good time to start trading, because for for the first two weeks of the beta, they are offering 10% off a future purchase of any game or accessory in Amazons video games store!

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