5 Must Have Firefox Addons for Power Browsing

Firefox addons enhance functionality, and many users do not fully utilize the power of the ‘fox by using the right addons. These addons can save a variety of purposes – from saving time and keystrokes to automating tasks. Here are (some of) my favorite addons for Firefox. These aren’t the usual top 10 extensions…

  1. Advanced Dork: Advanced Google queries – If you had to refer to a webpage every time you needed to use advanced search queries on Google, Advanced Dork will help you. You can highlight text, right click and choose from the available advanced operators. If you want to run an intitle or allintext operator on the title tag and alt tags respectively of the current page, right click within a page and choose the query. There are several other options available beyond the scope of this article. Download
  2. Autocopy – As the name suggests, Autocopy copies text to your clipboard whenever you select text. If you are a writer or designer, Autocopy would be particularly helpful in copy-pasting text and code fragments. Download
  3. Smart Bookmarks Bar – If you use Firefox’s own bookmarks bar for frequently used pages (as I do), it is likely cluttered beyond recognition. Smart Bookmarks Bar reduces clutter by hiding names of bookmarks bar items. Names are revealed when you hover over them. Download
  4. Autopager – AutoPager automatically loads the next page inline. Think of it as Google’s autopagination. AutoPager works with popular sites like Google, Digg etc. You can also add support for websites that are not supported by default. Download
  5. History Submenus РHistory Submenus places your browsing history for each day in submenus under History menu. If you are a frequent surfer and go back to websites that were visited earlier, History Submenus will help. Download

Everyone who uses Firefox addons will have their own favorites. I am always curious to know, so recommend your favorite addons in comments.

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