Strange WP-Supercache WordPress Folders

I use WP-Supercache, an amazing WordPress plugin which caches html pages of our php pages and reduces the server load drastically. But due to recent internal server errors, I looked inside my WordPress supercache folders and found some strange folders.

supercache folders

As you see there were 3 folders, though folder was expected, (with a period at the end) and (with a .disabled at the end) were not expected. As I browsed deeper into these folders, they had the complete directory structure of our site and has hundreds of cached html pages, which were now not being served anymore.

As I started to manually delete these 2 folders and all its subfolders, even after hours, my trusted FTP client Filezilla kept on working and we were getting nowhere. Eventually I realized supercache had created hundreds of similar empty subfolders to an infinite depth which continued as far as I could browse. And whenever I tried to delete them, the server would finally timeout and disconnect.

After several sessions I was still unable to delete all folders. Then I logged into Shell using my trusted Putty, a free telnet and SSH Client for Windows and Unix platforms. Using Putty I was able to quickly navigate to the supercache folder and delete these directories and those unending subfolders using powerful Linux commands – in a few minutes! Amazing!


See the full image to get an idea of how deep these folders extended.

Note that Supercache might not have been the cause of Internal server errors, but these strange folders were definitely created by error. But inspite of these bugs, Supercache is a highly recommended wordpress plugin that every wordpress blogger should have. Have you taken a peek into your Supercache folder lately? – you might find some interesting folders out there.

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