5 Apps to Wow The Average PC User

Every other day, we read about plenty of new software that promise to get rid of our woes and improve our experience as a PC user. We read about such apps, download, try and then move on. However, the following apps would really make any average PC user say “Wow”. Sometimes, even the power users might be astonished and go gaga over them. Have a look:

#1. LemonScreen – Your face is your password


LemonScreen works with your webcam and uses a face recognition technology to lock down your computer immediately when you step away from your desk. You needn’t type your password again to login. It automatically makes out that you’re infront of your computer with inputs from your webcam and unlocks your computer in no time.

#2. Tunatic – Identify Song Title With Just The Audio


There’s a song playing on your local radio station but nobody is telling you what that song is. If you’ve got a microphone, place it near the audio source and pass the audio via Tunatic. It can help you identify that song. Yes, then you can really go buy that song (or rather, download) :P

#3. Songsmith – Got only Vocals? Add some music, baby!


If you think you can only sing and not compose music, try the Songsmith app from Microsoft that automatically adds background music from any of 30 different styles to accompany your voice. The results may not be as you mind-blowing, but you have to realise it’s a product that’s probably in its nascent stages.

#4. Shock Desktop 3D – Make your Desktop a 3D Playground

With this utility installed, it will seem like 2D Desktops are so passe. Shock Desktop 3D gives your desktop a very cool 3D look. Your icons actually look like cubes and you can play with them as if they were objects on a real table. Watch the video to believe. There are quite a few draw backs when you compare it with the much hyped, invite-only beta Bumptop, though.

#5. Unshredder – Reassembles Shredded Papers


If you think no one can reproduce confidential company information from papers that you shredded using a document shredder, think again. Unshredder can easily put together all these shreds (yep, after you’ve scanned all those pieces) and make them readable again.

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  1. Paul O'Flaherty says:

    Great set of apps, however I’d be worried about LemonScreen if I got fat, had an accident or decided to grow a beard on holiday ;)

    And as for Unshredder, wouldn’t it be faster to assemble hem yourself rather than scan them all in, especially with documents such as the one shown in the screen grab which have a clear pattern to work from?

  2. Kyle says:

    hehe some cool stuff there might have to give them a go!

  3. Mackenzie says:

    So how well does Unshredder work when it was shredded with a cross-cut shredder? I mean…do they even *make* strip-shredders anymore?

  4. hack says:

    Thanks, cool list of apps

  5. Meethere says:

    instead of that shock 3D , i think this one rocks https://bumptop.github.io/

    nice list.

  6. Cyberto says:

    Some funny apps

  7. Yang Yang says:

    Well, these are even kind of rather interesting if not mind-blowing for savvy computer and internet users.

    Great selection!

  8. Amit Bhawani says:

    Tried downloading stuff from the – Shock Desktop 3D Website and it was reporting a trojan in the downloaded file. Check it out and if possible remove the link to the download.

  9. Youtube says:

    they are very funny on the destktop

  10. epiki says:

    I think LemonScreen is not quite suitable as it will be difficut to get passed if we gain few extra pounds :)

  11. Prabhu Ram says:

    These are really funny applications. I liked it very much. Thank you for sharing the applications.

  12. Mazda Cx7 says:

    Definitely great stuff. Tunatic is something I’m always in need of. I hear a song, really like, and wish I knew what it was called. I don’t really see the point of Songsmith, though. Who has only the vocals of songs and not the music to it?

  13. Harshit Singhal says:

    Wow the first app really did impress me quite a lot, the other apps are good too.

  14. Dell Desktop says:

    Haha! Lemon Screen is hilarious! Hours of fun. The others are great too. Thanks!

  15. JavaGenious says:

    Can i use lemon screen for multiple set of users?

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