Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms: Lyrics, Screensavers

McAfee has revealed the most dangerous search terms are  Free Music Downloads, Lyrics, or Screensavers and are very likely to lead to Adware or Malware laden sites.

McAfee researched over 2600 popular keywords and found that the riskiest set of keyword variations was “screensavers” – 6 out of top 10 search results contain malware! The single riskiest search term lyrics – one in every 2 sites will have malware!

Free is not exactly free – clicking on search results with word free has a 21.3 percent chance of infecting your computer with spyware, spam, adware, viruses and other malware. Even Work from home searches can be about 4 times riskier than the average risk for all popular terms. Other risky terms noted were Rihanna, Webkinz, Powerball, iPhone, Jonas Brothers, Twilight…

Download the McAfee report – The Webs Most Dangerous Search Terms (.pdf) and read the results in detail.

The reports also lists riskiest search terms country wise.
US Most Dangerous Search Terms – word unscrambler
US Most Dangerous Economic Crisis Terms – IRS stimulus checks
US Most Dangerous Free Terms – free music downloads
US Most Dangerous Health Terms – phentermine
US Most Dangerous Shopping Terms – lowes
US Most Dangerous Twilight Terms – zelda twilight princess walkthrough
United Kingdoms Most Dangerous Search Terms – Bebo
The Netherlands Most Dangerous Search Terms – lyrics
Canadas Most Dangerous Search Terms – lyrics
Spains Most Dangerous Search Terms – Anatomia de grey
Italys Most Dangerous Search Terms – Istruzione
Germanys Most Dangerous Search Terms – schler vz
Frances Most Dangerous Search Terms – poker
Indias Most Dangerous Search Terms – waptrick
Australias Most Dangerous Search Terms – credit, hotmail
Mexicos Most Dangerous Search Terms – wisin y yandel
Chiles Most Dangerous Search Terms – descargar google
Brazils Most Dangerous Search Terms – globo
New Zealands Most Dangerous Search Terms – lyrics

Earlier McAfee had also reported that Hong Kong (.hk) is the most dangerous country domain name and Brad Pitt is the most dangerous celebrity to search online. If you are still searching for screensavers, be warned.


  1. venkat says:

    These screensavers are boon to malwares users download them unknowingly and get infected their computer.

  2. Harris says:

    It’s very valuable information. i just got the report. i like free stuff myself and hoping this will tell me maybe to have second thought. thank you

  3. free-online-games.withtank.com says:

    screensavers are always come with / bundled with adware program or even spyware/malware!

  4. Josh Auriemma says:

    Heh, it’s something of a tradition for screensavers to be used as trojans. Back in the day, people used to email out all their virii as .scr files as they were executable and people were more willing to run them than they were .exe files.

  5. Fatin Pauzi says:

    Thanks for the exposure. My laptop had crushed because of this kind of things.

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