Use OpenDNS to Browse Faster, Safer, Fix DNS Errors

I recently started using OpenDNS and it fixed my DNS errors forever, while making my browsing faster and safer too. OpenDNS is a globally available free DNS service providing reliable safer, faster and smarter DNS – a great service which we all can start using right now.

dns error

Here is an example of a popular website I visited, and it showed a DNS error; I simply reload the website and it starts working. If you call your ISP, they will suggest some DNS configuration changes to your Network Internet Properties. But OpenDNS can fix this for you.

OpenDNS: Secure Browsing

OpenDNS is used by millions of people and is the leading provider of free security and infrastructure services that make the Internet safer through integrated Web content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS. Would you believe they served 12 billion DNS requests today!

Some important advantages of using OpenDNS
* Anti-phishing protects your network from fraudulent phishing scams.
* Web content filtering lets you block 50 categories of content.
* Detailed statistics empower you to understand your network traffic
* Globally distributed network makes Web sites load faster
* Anycast routing technology makes your Internet more reliable
* Browser Shortcuts let your users map a short term to a long URL.
* Typo correction auto-correct common typos in top-level domains.

Did you know OpenDNS users never worried about Conflicker worm infecting their systems, because OpenDNS will identify the 50000 domains and block them from resolving for all OpenDNS users.

Also note that OpenDNS users will be able to access Web sites that appear down for everyone else. SmartCache is their new DNS record-handling technology, that renders authoritative DNS outages irrelevant for OpenDNS users. Their servers will immediately look for the last known good address for the site in caches, and use that to load the site!

Start Using OpenDNS

OpenDNS requires no downloading or installing software, but you simply choose OpenDNS DNS servers instead of those assigned by your ISP. It just takes a few minutes to change computer DNS settings. I use Windows Vista, so I followed these step by step instructions to change my DNS server addresses to and

opendns settings

You can also change router DNS settings so that it benefits all computers on the network. It works on Windows, Mac and Unix too. Internet is an unsafe place, and OpenDNS can help make it more safer for you. Switch your computer, router, DNS server to OpenDNS today.

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