How Techcrunch Has Multiple Adsense Ads in Google Reader!

Have you seen multiple Google Adsense ad units and link units while reading Techcrunch RSS feed in Google Reader? Normally Adsense allows only one ad unit in feeds, the ad size of which they automatically decide. But then Techcrunch with 2 million RSS readers is an ideal site for testing new Adsense variations with 2 ad units and ad links too!

Here is a screenshot of the Techcrunch feed in Google Reader.

techcrunch adsense ads

Obviously this is another Google adsense feed advertising test in going on. See how strategically Ad link units have been placed at the bottom of articles to serve as a navigation menu and two 300×250 ad units are placed side by side.

Now here is what is stranger – I tried loading the Techcrunch feed in IE, but that displayed only one ad unit. I loaded the feed in Bloglines, and still one ad unit per article. Obviously like all of us, Techcrunch can add only one adsense ad to feeds. So is this a Google reader test that is adding these additional ads? Have you seen any other feeds with multiple ads in Google reader?

This is another addition to several strange Adsense ads we spotted before like multiple ad fonts, 2×2 ads, favicons, no titles, titles in italics and no Ads by Google and interactive keywords.

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