Google Voice Offers Free Google Number Cards

Share your Google number! Google is giving away 50000 sets of 25 Google voice business cards for free to its users. Now you can easily share your new Google number with friends using these free Google number printed cards.

google number cards

How to order free Google number cards? The image and link will appear in your Google Voice inbox, on the left side below the account balance, on different times for different Google Voice users throughout the week. Click on the link, customize and order your free cards through So if you don’t see that link right now, relax, it might appear soon.

Google Voice gives you a unique Google Number – One number for all your calls and SMS! Google Voice is invite only and you can request an invite right now. Remember Google Voice is available for sign up in US only.

This video will explain better what Google voice is all about

I hope you grabbed the free Google Profile business cards offered before.

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