20000 RSS Feed Readers!

Today QOT crossed another milestone of 20,000 RSS feed readers. Which basically means that an article posted on QOT instantly reaches 20000 dedicated readers!

Old time readers have tracked our journey across 10000 feed readers and 15000 feed readers; now we again share our feed statistics for these 20000 feed readers.


Maximum number of QOT readers prefer to subscribe RSS using Google Reader and iGoogle.  With Newsgator Online closing down by August end, and migrating readers to Google reader, the Google numbers will rise further. Number of people subscribing to get our daily email updates have also increased to over 4000, due to better subscription box positioning. Bloglines has not contributed much to increased subscriber counts over the years. Feedburner recently started counting Friendfeed stats, which has contributed to more feed readers. A significant number of readers also use Zhuaxia, a socialized RSS reader for Chinese web users.

Guest blogging has increased significantly and QOT has become a top site for guest bloggers to showcase their tips, tricks and tools, and we are nearing 100 guest articles now. You can guest blog on QOT and now reach 20000 readers instantly. Read the amazing guest articles written by QOT readers and our most prolific star guest blogger Srikanth.

We thank these 20000 QOT readers who subscribe our feed and spend their valuable time checking our updates and reading our tips. We thank them for their comments and criticism which has helped this blog grow further. We hope you learnt some cool tips, tricks and services along the way and promise to keep more great content coming…


  1. Keith Dsouza says:

    Congrats on reaching this milestone, I have been following QOT since quite a long time, don’t even remember how long it has been.

    There will be many more milestones to come in the future best of luck for them, also some of the guest posts have been really good and I enjoy them a lot.

  2. Srikanth AD says:

    Congrats on reaching the milestone. I look forward to contribute more guest posts in the future.

  3. wayan says:

    nice share man..thanks

  4. Harsh Agrawal says:

    That’s a great news and congratulations to QOT team for reaching this milestone :)

  5. Surender Sharma says:

    Congrats !
    This is a great achievment.

  6. David Walker says:

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

    You raise an interesting point about the power of guest writing for blogs which have a large readership.

    It has given me plenty to think about.


  7. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Thanks for all your support. You made it possible.

  8. Ronald Redito says:

    To QOT. congrats, that that means lotsa cash, right? =)

  9. Graeme Ashe says:

    Well Done!!

    20,000 dedicated readers what an achievment, I bet some magazines barely have that.

    And again excellent idea with the implementation of guest blogging.



  10. Azmin says:

    Congratulation on your achievement!!!

    its look like i’m still far far behind to get those numbers of feed readers for my blog…
    i update my blog post almost everyday but still could not get many feed readers…

    is there any secret to get more feed readers?

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