7 Best Tips to Create Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Landing Pages are one of the most important parts of your PPC (pay-per-click) campaign as it would be the first page which a user sees on your website after clicking your ad.  Well designed landing pages can increase your conversion rate and make your PPC campaign more effective.

The success and failure of your PPC Campaign depends completely on the success and failure of Landing pages. In this article, I would be discussing a few tips which you can implement to make better landing pages for your PPC Campaign.

1. Compelling Headline

Your landing page should contain an attention-grabbing headline as it is the first thing a user sees on your landing page. Your headline should speak what your users want to hear. For eg:- If your user wants to lose weight, your headline could be “ how to lose 20 pounds in 1 week”. Make your headline strong and bold so that it can stand out from the rest of the page.

2. Highly Relevant Content

Your landing page should be relevant to your ads. It should contain a similar title, description, and keywords you are using in your ad copy. For e.g. – If you are talking about Blue Nike Shoes in your ad copy then your landing page should also talk about Blue Nike Shoes. Create separate customized pages for each offer. The traffic you gets from PPC campaign looks for a specific thing only, and if they don’t find your landing page relevant to the ad they had clicked, they would go away.

3. Unique and Useful Content

Your landing page should contain unique and useful content. Don’t fill your landing page with tones of information because nobody has time to read it till the end. Content should answer the questions of your customers and tell them about the product. Information on your landing page should be in the inverted pyramid structure. The conclusion and most important points should be at the top and less supportive information should be at the bottom.

4. Clear Call to Action Link

The main purpose of your landing page is to encourage visitors you get from your PPC campaign to take the desired action like buying a product or giving information so that you can attain your own goal. The call to action link like “Click Here” or “Buy Now” should be above the fold i.e. it should be easily visible to the visitor without scrolling the page.

5. Use Images

Images speak more than words. Use relevant images describing your product and offers so that your visitors can get a clear idea about the product they will get after buying.

6. Minimal Navigation

Remove the navigational links from your landing page which can distract the user’s mind. By removing the navigational links you can control the content on your landing pages which you want your users to see. It would help you to create a suitable environment in which your user can take the decision easily.

7. Analyze Results

Create multiple landing pages for the same offer and analyze which pages convert better as compared to others. These tests would help you to know which things work better so that you can improve them more to increase your conversion rate.

Gagandeep Singh is a freelance writer and writes mainly on Internet Marketing, Landing Page Design and optimization, SEO, Web2.0 and Affiliate Marketing. You can write a guest article and share your expertise with our readers.

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  1. Teen Blogger says:

    Nice Post.

    I think having reviews about the product or service your selling will also increase chances as everyone likes to read reviews.

    I have a question though? Can you give a example of a good landing page?


  2. Justin Moore-Brown says:

    Great tips! I’ve been asked to make PPC campaigns and it’s always nice to get savy on this type of information.

  3. Evan says:

    so true, how such simple techniques can boost quality, and therefore traffic. I agree, though – good examples need to be seen more often.

  4. Risa Simpon says:

    Nice website. My english is not so good. Have you a tip for me to translate? Hope for an answer. Thank you!

  5. Alan Mitchell says:

    Hi Gagandeep,

    Great advice on the essentials of PPC landing pages.

    Although I agree with your second point that landing pages should be highly relevant to keywords and messages in PPC ad copy, I think landing page relevancy is often over-rated. Generally speaking, landing page relevance only plays a small part in determining the Quality Score of a keyword, so as long as the landing pages is ‘somewhat’ relevant, and there are ‘no problems found’ when logging into AdWords, I would tend to spend time focusing on other areas such as you’ve outlined.

    Completely agree with your third point about providing unique and useful content for the user. I found some extremely useful articles at that expore content in more detail.

    Also agree that landing page testing is essential for paid search success. While multivariate testing is important to determine which elements (headline, call to action etc) work best on a landing page, I often find AB testing extemely useful, especially for online retailers deciding whether to use the category or individual product pages for PPC landing pages ( ).


  6. nityanand says:

    yes landing pages are important for ctr also

  7. Russell - Landing page designer says:

    Gagandeep –

    I agree with all the tips you mentioned for landing page design.

  8. gdeblog says:

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