5 Best Document Imaging Software

Do you know which are the best Document Imaging Software? Document imaging is not something new. Copiers, fax machines and microfilming all involved imaging paper documents, with different objectives. What is comparatively new is converting paper documents into full-fledged electronic documents to integrate them into the electronic workflow.

Are you thinking of document imaging system for your office ? Here are 5 best document imaging software:

1. OpenDocMan.com – It is an free open source document imaging software that is designed to comply with ISO 17025 and OIE standard for document management. It features web based access, fine grained control of access to files, and automated install and upgrades.

In order to manage your documents, most of the document management software required you to change your business rules but OpenDocMan allows you to integrate your current rules. It supports multiple file types for  departmental review and allows you to concentrate on the business at hand. It is easy to setup and use.

2. Microsoft Office Document Imaging – By using Microsoft Office Document Imaging, you can scan paper documents and convert them to digital images. You can save these images in Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) or Microsoft Document Imaging Format (MDI) to your computer’s hard disk, network server, CD, or DVD. It also gives you the ability to perform optical character recognition (OCR) either as part of scanning a document, or while you work with a TIFF or MDI file.

Using Microsoft Office Document Imaging lets you perform many functions on  documents which have been scanned or faxed like  – fill forms online, perform optical character recognition (OCR), Copy text and images into Office, Search text, reorganize  pages, and annotate them before sharing them.

Note – Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) is removed in Microsoft Office 2010. See how you can install MODI on your computer or find alternative methods.

3. Content Central – As a browser-based document management software system, Content Central  doubles as a complete document imaging system. After installing Content Central on a Microsoft Windows server, each authorized user interacts with the application using a standard Web browser. Content Central contains a browser-based capture interface, (DirectScan), barcoding tool for batch paper capture (QCards), and data-entry interface that can be accessed locally or at remote locations.

4. eCopy.com – It transforms paper easily and securely into business value using infrastructure that is readily available in any office – multifunction peripherals (MFPs) or network-attached scanners. It helps to improve operational efficiency and business productivity. Time wasted chasing paper becomes time invested in meaningful work that contributes to bottom-line profitability. It improves operational efficiency by letting you unlock paper-based information, easing workflow  and enables workgroup collaboration

5. Laserfiche.com – It is another leasing document imaging software that can help business firms to be paper less. Laserfiche solutions help companies worldwide make information more accessible to both clients in their offices and staff at the job site with fully integrated capture, Image Annotation and business Processing management tools.

This guest article is written by Rifat Rahn, who writes on the subject of Document Imaging Solution.You can also write guest articles and share your favorite software.


  1. Tom Otto says:

    We looked at many of these when evaluating document management for our office, but none where quite as user friendly or powerful as DocXplore.

    www.docxplore.com for more info. It is not free or open source, but they do have a web based hosted solution that is affordable.

  2. Mitchell Berger says:

    You left out ADVANCED TIFF EDITOR, which simply blows all the others completely away.

  3. Bill Brikiatis says:

    Rafit — eCopy was acquired by the software company Nuance, but it’s still the same great product that you named as one of the top five in document imaging software.

    For more information about document imaging see my blog at https://documentimaging.typepad.com/ or follow Nuance document imaging at https://twitter.com/nuanceimage.

  4. Kyle Jennings says:

    What criteria did you use to determine “The Best”? What other products did you try in your test? Who would you say has the worst product… which ones should be avoided?

  5. Rifat Rahn says:

    @Kyle Jennings
    I know lots of document management software is in the world. I just pick here those softwares that are so popular among people. I am not saying other is worst I just write here my personal thinking.

  6. craig says:

    I think Kofax’s software might need a mention. I believe it has won a few awards in the DM industry and has served us well for a few years. We have also used 2 of the 5 which are quite reliable to as we process around 3m pages a month https://www.pearl-scan.co.uk/ useful article though!

  7. Jose says:

    There is a free one, for invoices, and data capture, and plenty of features, take a look to https://www.chronoscan.org/

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