5 Tips to Grab Attention for Your Blog Articles

Traffic has been the major challenge for so many webmasters and bloggers, yet many people manage to get the right amount of traffic they want, but could not sustain it. Here are some tips below on how to write articles that get attention and even make your readers ask for more.

1. Your Headline

So many people make a mistake at this –  it is important to note that your headline can be a determinant factor of the number of people who read your articles. So many people excuse themselves by saying “I am not a copywriter”, “I am not good at writing Headlines” etc.

Try as much as possible to play with as as many headlines as possible on a particular subject/topic. Let it be the same content but try to write as many headlines as possible that matches the content. Write a minimum of ten and choose the best one – do this for every article you write and within a short period of time you will come out with the perfect headline.

2. Keep your audience in mind

This is also a very important factor that can make or mar your readership. Don’t try to talk about ‘honey” using the headline “maize”, it does not make sense. Try to make sure your content meets with your audience, if you are talking to farmers, don’t talk to them as if you are talking to students. It is also important to keep your audience in mind because this makes them see you as a professional.

3. Let your writing be consistent

In so many things, so many people neglect this aspect of consistency. We are all human beings and we all love consistency –  try to set a time for writing your articles, even if it is every 5 days then let it be. You can write articles more often, but it is not good to be inconsistent with your writing.

4. Give them what they want

They are all humans, and they came to you for a reason. Why tell them to come if you don’t have what they want. If they want articles on food (which you told them you have in your title), give it to them; if it is on making money online, give it to them.

Giving them what they want helps build trust in you which will later help you in the future. Try as much as possible to make them happy and they will always want to read what you write.

5. Use bold words when necessary

Bold words are used to lay emphasis on a particular word. Try to use bold words or italics in bold when trying to emphasize a particular word or point, as this guides your readers and focuses them to that particular point of yours. Also try to make your article as short as possible whereby conveying the great message it has to convey.

Writing good headlines can make you get attention of your readers while being consistent and writing to suit their needs can make them come back and want more. I will also like you to set a goal of writing to the extent that your readers will always want to give back to you (just for impacting them).

Onibalusi Bamidele is a 16 year old student and blogger. He shares many blogging tips with his readers on his online success blog at dataentryforall.net. We encourage more young bloggers to guestblog on QOT and share their writing skills.

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