How to Drive Massive Youtube Traffic to Your Site

What are the secrets of driving huge traffic from Youtube to your site? Video is a very engaging format. You can get people to watch 20-30 minutes of your video when they would never spend 20-30 minutes reading content in your website.

Youtube Videos Get Traffic

Some media reports suggest that  an average American watches over 4hrs of television every day; more than 70% of all web visitors watch online video; and over 50% online traffic is now from videos. So, if you are not creating and distributing videos, you are missing huge amount of traffic.

Let us talk about Youtube in this article. Do you know that –

  1. Youtube went from 0 to 4,000,000,000 monthly visitors in just 3 months!
  2. Youtube has made hundreds and thousands of people famous.
  3. Each and everyday more than 80,000 videos are uploaded.
  4. It gets around two hundred million clicks daily.
  5. Average Youtube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video every single day.

What does this mean to our marketers?
There is a huge amount of traffic ready to be tapped in Youtube. Now how do you do that?

Quick Youtube Video Tips

Follow these tips while creating videos –

  1. Your videos must be short. Not more than 3 to 4 minutes.
  2. Place your web site URL at the bottom of your videos.
  3. Think of ways to make your videos go viral. Something very interesting. It could be your own story, a demonstration of your product or a blog contest.
  4. Include your keyword phrase twice in your title. It can significantly increase your rankings.
  5. While distributing your video, use different titles to different video directories, so that you can rank the same video for a bunch of keywords.
  6. If you ever observed, Youtube thumbnail image comes from the middle of the video. So make sure that you place an attractive image in the middle of your video.

YouTube Video Promotion Strategies

Here are few tricks you can implement to drive traffic from Youtube.

  1. Post video responses: Choose 10 -20 popular videos. Go to each of the video, scroll down, you see “video responses” tab. Click on “post a video response”, and submit your video. Make sure that you submit only a related video. This will put your video under 1000’s of visitors who visit the most popular videos. This technique alone can bring you thousands of visitors to your site.
  2. Statistics and Data section: In every video page, you see a “Statistics and Data” section. This section lists the websites that sent most number of visitors to the video along with the number of views. Now, go to each of these websites and try to submit your videos too. Most of the sites listed under this section allow people to upload videos. If not, you can send a friendly email to the site admin requesting him to embed your video.
  3. Tags: Find the most popular videos that belong to your niche and pick up the tags used in this video. You can find the tags under the “More info” section of a video. Now, use the same tags to your video. This strategy help you get listed under the “Related Videos” section of popular videos.

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