Importance of Facebook Fan Page Notes Feature

Notes is not a very well known feature of Facebook fan pages because most of the attention of bloggers is mainly focused on making their Facebook fan page wall more eye catching and on ways to increase their fans count. The fact is that they are actually unaware of the importance of Notes and hence forget to use it effectively.

It’s a great marketing tool and if use effectively the exposure it offers to your blog is unbelievable. You should take it into consideration if your sole purpose of joining Facebook is to promote your blog.

Understand | What are Facebook Fan Page Notes

In brief, a Note is very similar to your blog.  Like blogs you can update or add new (fresh page) postings (content, news and information) on which people can comment (or show their liking) and even subscribe to your Notes RSS feed. Your Facebook fan page wall will be updated with adding of new Notes.

Create | How to activate Facebook fan page Notes feature

  1. Go to your Facebook fan page
  2. At the top navigation bar click on ‘+’ mark, you will see the Notes feature available at drop down menu
  3. Just click on it to make it available at navigation bar as tag
  4. Whenever you need to add content, just click on it and write down your creation. You can also incorporate RSS feed of your blog in your Notes for automatic update.

Importance | Why should you use Notes at Facebook fan page

Facebook is not only the best social networking website that helps you to socialize with your online friends, it provides a tremendous feature named Facebook fan page Notes, which is must required for the improvement of your blog.

1) Google takes care of your Notes

The most importance of Facebook fan page Notes is that Google crawls and indexes it. And whenever someone searches for items which are present in your Notes, then there is a chance that your Notes will appear in Google search results. This means a new stream of traffic to your blog and a chance to improve your page rank.

In this regard you should keep in mind, for the best performance of Notes at google search results you should use keywords effectively at title (heading) and produce high quality valuable content.

2) Exposure and Reputation

Your Facebook fan page fans can interact directly with you – they can comment on Notes, they can take part in conversation and polls, and they can communicate with other fans. All these makes them able to understand that they are a part of your blog and their opinion makes sense to the blog owner reading their submission carefully.

Hence the Notes feature helps to expose your blog to a huge number of audience and build reputation for you.

3) Drive traffic to your blog

If use effectively Notes can improve traffic to your blog dramatically.

  1. One way to increase traffic to your blog through Notes is to incorporate RSS feed of your blog to your Notes. It ensures that your Facebook fan page wall will be updated with the same content that you have published at your blog. Whenever fans click on any title it will take them directly to your blog.
  2. Rather, you should always link back to your blog whenever you publish new post in your notes.

This two techniques is enough to drive fans to your blog.

Guest author Shahnawaz (sani), a 25+ years old guy from India is professionally a software engineer and blogger by passion. He blogs at, which is a blog on make money online and technology niche. You can also submit guest posts and share your Facebook tips.

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