Safer Internet Day 2010 Today: Think B4 U post!

Today is Safer Internet Day 2010. Insafe organizes this event every year in February to promote safer and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst kids and teens across the world. The topic for 2010 is “Think B4 U post!“.

safer-internet daySafer Internet Day aims to teach children and teenagers that they can control their online identity, by using the privacy settings offered by social networing services, selecting friends online that they can trust, publishing their own photos after thinking carefully about the potential consequences, and pictures of their friends with their permission.

Safer Internet Day is regularly organized by Insafe, the European Safer Internet awareness-raising network co-funded by the European Commission and coordinated by European Schoolnet. Safer Internet Day 2010 will also mark the launch of the web version of eSafety toolkit developed by Insafe in collaboration with Liberty Global Inc. and supported by the European Commission.

Stay Safe Online and Think B4 U post. Internet is not so safe now and everyone knows what you are doing. Think before you post, as your post reaches more people than you can ever imagine.

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  1. Hedberg says:

    This is such a fundamental aspect of Internet security, but it is one that is also usually overlooked. Sites like Facebook make it so easy to put your information out there, which is often a really bad idea. To be honest, I think everyday should be Think before you post day. It would probably cut out a lot of the other noise too ;)

  2. abhi says:

    I was not aware about SID. Internet is now under the reach of everyone. Nothing is safe.

  3. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says:

    Nice awarness post

  4. Scientia Mag says:

    Nice awareness post

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