How to Create Pages in Blogger

How can you create pages in Google Blogger blogging platform? Well Blogger introduced the ability to create pages in Blogger recently and now all bloggers can easily create pages.

Pages are a key way to highlight important information pages on your blog and are not published in the blog timeline. WordPress has long had pages and Blogger was lacking in this essential feature for a long time.

On your Blogger dashboard, go to Posting > Edit Pages > New Page

create blogger pages

Unlike unlimited pages that you can create in WordPress, Blogger still lets you create only 10 pages, so you need to chose clearly which pages you want. Then if you need to insert pages in the layout, they have created a new gadget which you can use.

Go to Layout > Add a Gadget >  Pages


Add the gadget to the sidebar on the side or the navigation bar on the top and you can easily add your pages in the layout. You can change the order of links too.

pages gadget

Create pages in Blogger and enjoy.


  1. Angie Twe says:

    Hi. Any idea on how can I add more of the pages, ie. aside from just the ‘Home’, e.g. I would like to add ‘About me’

    And I would like to add the Blogger ‘about me’ under that ‘About me’ page which I would like to create. Just like how wordpress does.

    Any idea?
    Hope you can help.

    Thanks in advance.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Go to Posting > Edit Pages > New Page
      and create upto 10 page including About Me as you want.

  2. Landon says:

    Blogger is the best, but we can’t use it,because in china using blogspot is impossible.

  3. Tammara says:

    Been waiting for Blogger to add that feature, and finally it’s here! Now I’m somewhat wishing my WordPress blog was on Blogger since they also have all the gadgets and widgets too.

  4. Maskil says:

    In your opening paragraph, you said “Well Bloggers introduced the ability to create pages in Blogger recently”. Should read “Well Blogger introduced”.
    Good intro to a long-awaited feature!

  5. haybee says:

    thanks. it obvious that you are a blogger guru, yours in blogger, Haybee

  6. Qiuting says:

    Hi, how do i change my pages into a tab format? Currently it’s a list format and it’s quite ugly.. =((

  7. Miss SLY!™ says:

    Same as Qiuting. I don’t like the link list format.

    How do we get all pages in tab format on the same line? I am wondering if adding the pages as individual elements, side by side would work.

  8. Ja'e says:

    How to you add additional posts to a new page?
    Like how you do on the home page.

  9. Ryan says:

    Hi thanks for the tip. I’m new to Blogger and I’m sure this is really easy, but I can’t figure it out. After I have added the new pages, I want them to have the same template as my home page. How do I do that? I don’t see anywhere to upload a template. Thanks in advance.


  10. Holly says:

    I have the same question at Ja’e. How do you add additional posts to the new pages?

  11. sly says:

    How do you add additional posts to the new pages?

  12. gamer says:

    adding new page is a cool feature in blogger and i have got the same problem of adding new post under new page…please help…

  13. Melissa C says:

    Do you know how I can make one of my static pages the index page ? So when people type in the blog address it goes to one of the static pages not the blog posts page ?

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