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QOT continues to be the #1 guest blogging site as we recently crossed the 200 guest posts milestone and continue to be a popular choice among guest bloggers to showcase their writing skills and get free traffic, readers and publicity for their site.

A few months back we had crossed the 100 guest articles landmark as guest blogging continues to grow strongly across the blogosphere, with blogging gurus naming it as the best way to get readers for your site. Especially with SEO writing and social media marketing services gaining popularity, guest blogging forums are on the rise.

So why is QOT the #1 Guest Blogging Site Online?

Besides getting readers from a  site with a targeted readership of top tech experts, internet marketers, SEO gurus, geeks, webmasters, and bloggers – the main reason people prefer us is that their great article does not disappear deep in the archives after a few days … instead, we keep sending them LONG TERM TRAFFIC!

  • Lots of RSS readers – As soon as your article is posted, it reaches the dedicated RSS feed readers instantly in their feed readers.
  • Free Social Media Promotion –  All guest articles posted to all our social media network for a good viral response.
  • Homepage Sticky – The best articles stay on top of the front page for many days.
  • Sidebar Links – guest posts may stay in the sidebar and which gets views per day.
  • Guest Posts CollectionGuest Posts category is a well-promoted high traffic category
  • We remember you – Good articles keep getting linked out repeatedly even year after year with best of year posts
  • Popular articles – Top traffic generating articles get listed on our Popular article pages
  • Star Blogger – consistently quality articles can get you your own tags like Srikanth
  • Exclusive Twitter List – follows tweets of all  QOT Guest Bloggers on Twitter and will help you find more guest blogging or maybe even paid blogging offers

High acceptance of quality content and quick response time have helped us get many guest posts, and we also got several amazing bloggers from MyBlogGuest. We also help you create a more successful article by suggesting changes and sharing guest blogging secrets, so you get a better response.

In other words, we do everything possible to make your site famous. If its great content… it will get famous. But a little social media help goes a long way to make the article popular.

We also get our share of submitted articles that are rehashed, copied and submitted solely for purposes of getting backlinks or affiliate commissions, but such articles are rejected as they violate out guest blogging guidelines. Our policy is clear-  we do not sell text links. We do not do sponsored posts.

You can follow these amazing guest bloggers at the QOT Guest Bloggers on Twitter, subscribe our feed, or read these 200 guest posts. Do you want to get free publicity –  write guest posts here and get famous!

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.