Beginner Internet Marketing – 4 Timeless Guidelines

Beginner Internet marketing – what comes to your mind when you see or hear this phrase? A lot of beginners trying to earn money online or build an Internet business fail miserably.

I don’t have the exact statistics of this beginner Internet marketing failure rate, but I do know from experience (when people come to me) that there are A LOT more people who fail than succeed.

It is important that before embarking on the journey to making money online, one should know that there are a few IMPORTANT things to keep in mind. Knowing and understanding these things will help set the right expectations for beginners right from the start so that they do not over expect and be disappointed with the results they get.

Below I’m going to share with you 4 timeless guidelines that every person should follow before they even get started in Internet marketing:

1. Learn basic computer skills first

I know this sounds stupid (because you might think that of course everyone knows that you must know how to operate a computer first before learning how to make money online), but I assure you it’s not.

Once every few weeks, I get people coming to me telling me they want to make a living online when they don’t even have BASIC computer skills. I’m not talking about techie stuff like programming or using sophisticated software, I’m talking about very basic stuff like how to open a zip file, a pdf file, how to download files to the computer, etc. Man…

If they don’t even know how perform these basic tasks, do you think they can succeed at Internet marketing? Of course NO!

Get your basic computer skills right first before even attempting to learn how to make money online. This is the number 1 beginner Internet marketing guideline to follow.

2. Making money online is NOT easy and NOT instant

Almost all, if not all, beginners think that earning money online is so easy and instant that their grandmas can do it (just like how the convincing sales letter claims…). Well, the truth is their grandmas CAN’T do it!

There is no such thing as overnight riches with hard work, let alone overnight riches WITHOUT any hard work. Anyone telling you that you can get rich online quickly and easily without any hard work is lying to you so that they can sell their “how to get rich quickly and easily” product to you. They are selling this “dream” to you.

Sadly, because we humans are such greedy creatures who just want to reap the rewards without sowing it, we fall prey to these scammers or “dream sellers”.

Wake up, realize and understand that making money online is just like any business endeavor – you need to put in hard work, dedication, and time in order to succeed. You must persevere.

3. Find a mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve

This is so important that most people, beginners and intermediate marketers alike, miss it. You need to find a mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve and follow his teachings.  You can’t simply follow every marketer or guru out there in your marketplace. You need to zone in on that one mentor (okay sometimes two mentors are fine too) who has achieved what you want to achieve, and then learn from him or her.

There are so many experts in your marketplace. If you simply follow all of their teachings, you’ll get confused because all of them typically do things differently and hence will give you different conflicting advice. Find one mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve and follow his or her teachings, and you are already ahead of most beginners.

4. Focus on ONE thing at a time

Most people want to learn everything at once. Again, this is because we humans are greedy creatures. PPC, SEO, social media marketing, copywriting, article marketing, product creation, JV tactics, list building, etc – we want to learn them ALL.

This is ridiculous! We’re not going to be able to learn all of them at once, especially when we’re just starting out. Heck, even I (with three plus years of Internet marketing experience) am very poor at PPC and social media marketing skills. (so if I ever come up with a product about PPC or social media marketing, please do NOT buy it…)

Learn ONE skill at a time. Only after you’ve mastered one skill should you learn another new skill. That said, you should ignore ALMOST ALL the hype about all the product launches going around in the Internet marketing circle because you don’t need ALMOST ALL of them.

Before you buy another internet marketing course, ask yourself if buying that course fits into your ultimate goal of achieving what you’re trying to achieve. Most of the time, the answer is no and therefore you shouldn’t buy it. For example, if you’re currently learning how to build a list, you don’t need to buy a course on Google AdSense. No matter how enticing or convincing the sales letter is, do NOT buy it.

Beginner Internet marketing Useful Tip:

If you’re always bombarded with a lot of emails from the same gurus pestering you with sales pitch emails EVERY DAY, I advise that you UNSUBSCRIBE from their lists once and for all. Remain only subscribed to one or two of the best ones that actually provide value to you instead of asking you to buy all the time, each time with completely DIFFERENT offers. This will drastically reduce information overload and allow you to FOCUS much better on learning and doing only those tasks that fit into your ultimate goal.

The above are 4 beginner Internet marketing guidelines every beginner should follow if they want to start making money online and build a real Internet business. Make sure you understand and follow them…

Guest author Welly Mulia ( you learn how to make money on the internet with zero hype. You can now instantly claim her free cheat sheet titled “This is how you replace your job on the internet”. You can also write guest articles and share your internet marketing tips. Image source


  1. Andrew @ Blogging Guide says:

    Nice, honest post – I really like it.

    Especially the mentoring tip. When I first started blogging, I was working full-time as well – so I was earning a regular monthly income which meant I could afford a good mentor.

    It was money well spent…I learned so much, so quickly.

    I also like your advice about buying far too many products. I’ve been sucked in and purchased far too much rubbish. As first I didn’t like asking for a refund…I do now…if it is not a quality product.


  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Really your post not only helps to beginner but also in experience guy. For beginner two things is necessary one is focus on particular topic that he want grow and monitoring. Monitoring is most necessary.He should learn from monitoring.

    When I was in beginner, always I was doing monitoring on particular topic and I was trying to find out where the problem comes and how to solve.

  3. genmartsg says:

    Your post really helpfull for to be online marketeer like me

  4. Countdown Online says:

    I don’t see any money for the first two years. We just need to be patient.

  5. dean graziosi says:

    Internet marketing is very popular as it is very easy and convenient way for marketing.I do appreciate you that you have described all tips very well as it is easy to understand for beginner.

  6. NPXP says:

    2. Making money online is NOT easy and NOT instant

    I second that with all the pride and glory that I have :D

  7. Joel says:

    Welly, Great tips dude, very honest and very true. Many people who start internet marketing seem to get information overload (myself included). Going from one cool tactic or trick to the next, and never really mastering one thing. So we should all cut back on the opportunity seeking and really master the skills that make us money, 1 at a time.


  8. Andre Kalis says:

    I’ve just very recently updated my blog with An Open Letter to A Beginner Internet Marketer and your post about the same subject is tremendous value added to what I had to say.

    It also bears testimony to the fact that quality and rich content about internet marketing is often available for free (as you are doing here)while beginners get suckered into purchasing so-called money-making products, which turn out to be outright scams.

    The confusion and information overload that you warn against is one of the main reasons why newcomers are vulnerable to the all too prevalent internet marketing hype.

  9. E46 Tuning says:

    Nice post I like it. I currently make my money by providing Remote Tech support but I am also trying to make some additional money online and have started to create a niche site which will hopefully make me some money. You are right though it takes a long time to build something that will hopefully make you some money.

  10. Andy Raybould says:

    This is such good advice, in particular, the item regarding having a mentor. Find someone with proven success and follow them and/or sign up to any training they have available. There’s no point re-inventing the wheel when some ideas and methods are indeed, timeless.

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