New Airtel World SIM Card for International Travelers

Airtel has announced the launch of Airtel World SIM card for international travelers which gives you a single Mobile Number valid across 190 countries – without the inconvenience of carrying multiple SIMs for different countries.

Some of the key features of the Airtel World SIM card are

  1. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to get a new mobile number. It allows outbound travelers to retain their Airtel local number, which means calls made on Airtel India number will be forwarded to your new Airtel World SIM card, and you always stay connected and never miss a call.
  2. The international roaming call charges are minimal and customers can save upto 85 percent on international calls. After all that is one of the key reasons you want to buy this card while travelling, because you want to save excessive international roaming fees. I remember I activated international roaming and had to pay Rs 6000 as security deposit and a monthly fee too till I deactivated my international roaming.
  3. The single Mobile Number is valid across 190 countries, so international travelers do not need to keep changing the SIM cards to support mobile networks in different countries. One SIM card promises to work in all these countries.
  4. Prepaid card allows you to control excess usage and is limited to your charge amount. Moreover, it allows recharge of the talk time anywhere in the world. So there is full control of your mobile bills and flexibility too.

How does it work? Just before leaving abroad, using your India Airtel SIM, send an SMS to activate your service. This instantly activates your World SIM card but your India Airtel SIM will stop working. A good idea to activate just before departure. When in the new country, insert your World SIM, select the new country profile and start talking!

Right now Airtel World SIM is available to customers in Delhi only.

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