Google’s 1000 Most Visited Sites List

Google has released the list of 1000 most-visited sites on the web. The top 1000 compiles the largest 1000 sites worldwide, based on Unique Visitors as measured by Ad Planner.

Check out the list and you can see the site category, unique visitors (users), page views and whether the site has ads. Sitting on top is Facebook with 540 million unique visitors, followed by,,,,,,, and so on…

most visited sites

If you check the 1000th site, to get on this list, you need over 4 million unique visitors per month and your site will be featured in the top 1000 list. This list is updated monthly as new Ad Planner datasets are released.

It’s not just an ego push to be listed here, Google Adwords introduced a new filter that allows advertisers to show Adsense  ads on the 1000 largest sites, as defined by DoubleClick Ad Planner. This new feature will ensure that your ads reach a large number of users, but only on well-known sites best suited for branding goals. To activate the new filter, select ‘non Ad Planner 1000’ within the ‘category filters’ section of your AdWords account.

All website have their own Ad Planner pages. See how the our Ad planner page looks like. It gives you a good estimate of traffic, advertising opitons, audeince interests and related sites. Check out what your ad planner profile page looks like. Replace our domain name with yours in url below.

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  1. Fisher says:

    Most of the top 10 sites are tool webs,but not gate webs.If people don’t use those tools such as facebook,MSN and QQ,they will seldom visit those sites.
    So I wonder whether advertisers would like to publish their ads on those top 10 sites.

  2. Pantech Phones says:

    4 million unique visitors per month it sounds like years and years of hard working

  3. Diseno Web Miami says:

    I think Facebook for many years will remain the most visited site on the Internet, as people have found a wonderful way to share their experiences.
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Scientific Indian says:

    Looks like Google missed out itself.

  5. David termitas says:

    I didn’t know about Like Button and Like Box before. I am going to try it for my blog. Thanks for sharing

  6. arshad1976 says:

    Google is the great search engine which provide every kind of help it displays all types of matters. Google
    ‘s 1000 most visited sites list is more helpful for us. like in other fields google is helping seos also.

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