5 Top WordPress Forum Plugins: Install Site Forum in One Click

Looking to add a WordPress forum for your site? It is easy to add a forum to WordPress blog using forum plugins. Well, WordPress (WP) has evolved quite a bit since 2003 and now stands to be more than just a blogging system, it’s a full Content Management Service (CMS).

One technology important to any thriving community is communication between its members.  A forum is a great way to facilitate the many-to-many conversations within a community that a blog cannot address.

Add WordPress Forum

This article compares the popular service offerings available for adding a Forum to your WordPress site.

Tal.ki ForumsWP-ForumbbPressSimple: PressZingiri
Facebook & Twitter IntegrationYesNoNoNoNo
Email NotificationsYesNoYesYesYes
Embed Media & VideosYesNoWith Add-OnYesYes
Search Engine Optimized URLSYesNoYesYesNo

1. Tal.ki Embeddable Forums

talki forum

The Tal.ki Forum plugin for WP is simple to install and configure as it automatically detects your WordPress theme and styles itself accordingly.  Tal.ki really shines with it’s social network integration, allowing members to publish topics to their Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Tal.ki is unique from the other plugins as the same forum can be embedded onto multiple websites, and not just WordPress.

2. WP Forum Server


The most popular forum plugin, with over 57,000 installs is WP Forum Server.  It  supports different skins and admins have the option to turn guest posting on or off with optional Captcha.  Tight integration with WordPress makes this plugin easy to use and administer.

3. bbPress Bulletin Boards

bbpress forums

bbPress is made by Automattic, the people behind WordPress.  bbPress is separate software from WordPress and requires a bit more experience to set up, but it closely integrates with a WordPress blog and installs in one click. Now available as an install-able plugin.

4. Simple:Press

simplepress forum

Simple:Press is a feature rich forum plugin for WordPress. It is fully customizable and comes with a number of skins and icons.  Through it’s powerful and flexible permissions system it is suitable for those who wish to run private, specialist forums with invited members but is equally able to accommodate open, public forums that allow guest posting.

5. Zingiri Forum

zingiri forum

Zingiri is a unique plugin that integrates existing forum software, myBB, into WordPress. Zingiri provides the glue to connect MyBB, an easy to use, powerful, multilingual, feature-packed, and free forum software with WordPress. MyBB also includes a reputation system, multi-quote, and the ability to create custom BBCode (called MyCodes).

Guest author Vinnie Lauria is the co-founder of Lefora Forum hosting and organizes the 5,000 member Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup which has featured hundreds of companies that have built their startup in Silicon Valley. 


  1. ovidiu says:

    tal.ki seemed to be too good to be true, and indeed, it has restricted features if you don’t buy it. You should have mentioned that too :-(

  2. Grants says:

    I just started using Word Press. This tutorial on plugins is very useful to me. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Zazick says:

    Here you can chat, run your own page or blog, upload pictures and video, join thematic groups, and more…

  4. Vinnie says:

    Also, not in that list is WP-Forum Server which is a fork from WP-Forum with a few more options: https://wordpress.org/plugins/forum-server/

  5. Ashfame says:

    Its all wrong about bbPress in that table. Take a closer look and you will know.

  6. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Free Tal.ki Pro forums giveaway here

  7. Wordpress Themes says:

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  8. Wordpress Themes says:


    I think Elegant Word press themes, is the place to get your dream themes. I have a pleasant experience of visiting This web site and i found it really exciting.This web site is dedicated to provide you with the latest themes with vivid and exciting color contrasts. Some of the themes that are made available for you are based on the real life objects.

  9. vasthtml says:

    check out the new and updated WP Forum Server, a fork of the outdated WP Forum:

  10. Shalini Aggarwal says:

    I will try bbpress forum as I find this to be the best

  11. choppedcode says:

    Zingiri Forum is now ccForum, available here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/zingiri-forum/. It integrates MyBB pretty seamlessly with WordPress. With the latest release 1.2.0 we added seamless integration between WP and MyBB themes.

  12. HedgeHoncho says:

    Simple-Forum is the way to go. I am installing this to my site soon.

    Thanks for the great list.

  13. Rodger says:

    Very nice list. I am using Simple:Press, my favorite wordpress forum plugin for the futures and customisation. This plugin is powerful and flexible. You can prefer it to PHPBB if you wanna add a forum in your wordpress.

    I recommand it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. IMHO says:

    In my honest opinion, I prefer Mingle Forum:


  15. free articles says:

    nice listing, as per my knowledge among all these BBPress is quite good but, after reading this post, I’m thinking to try Tal.ki. But on wordpress it is rated 3/5

  16. ImpossibleMe says:

    Planning to go with bbPress, seems like this systems gets most votes.
    Perhaps one thing that stops many is that there is no direct plugin-like activation of this forum and some tweaking required (not for everyone)

  17. DRAGNUCS says:

    Tnx for the top 5. it helped me a lot.

  18. Elliptique says:

    Having looked around, Tal.ki is by far the best solution but the free package is very limited and if you are going to get serious about your forum you need to upgrade to the pro version. Free version has no SEO optimisation :(

  19. Wordpress Plugins says:

    Wow, some great plugins. Never thought that wordpress could be used as a forum

  20. Carl Thomas says:

    Tal.ki Embeddable Forums seems like the best option, with Facebook and Twitter integration. Shame you have to pay for it though;(

  21. Mikko says:

    Just what I was looking for. Very helpful, thanks!

  22. XNetwork says:

    Hello, Thanks for your article. I’ll use Simple Press on my website

  23. oktoberfest forum says:

    You can use Mingle Forum, this is enhanced WP-Forum. ForumServer and tal.ki suck. Why are they best?

  24. Heureux says:

    well great post, it seems your preference goes to tal.ki
    anyone who tried it?

  25. toto says:

    I like simple press. simple and easy to use. thanks for sharing best wordpress forum plugins

  26. Jan says:

    Thank you for the information on forums – advantages and disadvantages of each one – and the links. Revewing the above forums – and it has saved alot of time researching!

  27. The Dan says:

    I’ve found WP Forum Server to offer horrible support. If you bring an issue to the table that the Admins can’t answer, they ignore it or say you’re doing it wrong. I’ve been developing WP sites for years now, with over 100 WP sites under my belt. In short, I know how the software works and there are clearly issues with the plugin.

    I know free, is free, but most Developers want their products to work well for everyone, especially since they have/had plans to release a PRO version.

    I’m going to check out Tal.ki forums, looks great, and the monthly subscription fee is practically free – if you’re using it for business purposes, the “investment” is totally worth it

  28. sidooz says:

    thanks for the list. but you did’nt mention bbpress.

  29. sidooz says:

    thanks for the list but i wonder why bb press (developed by wordpress) is not used by many.

  30. Parvinder says:

    I think the simple press wordpress forum plugin is best and most used plugin to run a forum for your wordpress blog. It is used by some of the top forums on the internet like digitalpoint.

  31. Euro 2012 says:

    bbPress is too glichy, you are right..

  32. HowToUseWordpress says:

    Hi Vinnie, I just finished looking at the Simple Press forum plugin and found your article. Now, I’m not so sure it’s that good compared to Tal.Ki. The FB and Twitter integration really does make it better…
    Thanks, S

  33. shamia says:

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    Having read this I believed it was rather enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this short article together. I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  35. Ekol Hoca says:

    bbpress fabulous..

  36. jyoti says:

    how to use bbpress forums in wordpress

  37. jyoti says:

    i want use bbpress forum over my new created for page. But it not happened

  38. niel says:

    bbPress works for me although I have to try simplePress :)

  39. Rajendra Reddy says:

    I had integration problem with bbpress,simple:press and buddy press with my existing theme but Tal.ki Embeddable Forums works fine .thanks for this psot .

  40. The Soul Whisperer says:

    I was going to download Tal.ki Forum plugin until I read ovidiu’s comment saying you have to pay for features. I appreciate the comment ovidiu! I prefer frankness when considering a program.

  41. Shalu Sharma says:

    Very interesting. I like the Tal ki plugin, I had a look and they allow you to embed a forum as well. Quite nice.

  42. Allsteel Parts says:

    Hm, well i think I will try out Tal.ki for my site. Thanks for the info bud.

  43. Shalu Sharma says:

    Very interesting, I am interested in setting up a wordpress forum on one of my sites. Thanks for this list. Tal.ki forum plugin seems interesting.

  44. Your Wordpress Friend says:

    I haven’t yet tried out using a form plugin on any of my sites, but I think i recognize at least two of these from several other sites.

    I never knew it could be this easy to have your own Forum on your blog. I think the list is useful at least for me to try each of them out – so thanks for the list

  45. Nathan Bullock says:

    Sometimes paying a few dollars gets you quality, sometimes it doesn’t. There are some good free options. an updated article on this subject would be much appreciated.

  46. Shalu Sharma says:

    I have been thinking of a forum and this will help me. I had a look at talki and they seem interesting. But it works out at 50 USD per month.

  47. eddi weed says:

    I am sure that this list contains the most useful plugins but in my opinion I think that this plugin WP Auto Affiliate Links is as useful.Thanks for the article

  48. umer says:

    bbpress plugin is best.

  49. Atul Kumar Pandey says:

    Great list of suggestions.
    All of hem are useful but like only one that is WP Forum only.

  50. Beyowi says:

    Nice article! WordPress plugins are the life safer which helps to make anything possible with your wordpress blog.

  51. Tariq Ahmad says:

    This is a nice article.Very informative. i already integrate bbpress in my tutorial site. Its working great.

  52. h0ly says:

    Thanks for the list, but i would also suggest to add WP Bulletin Board onto that list.

  53. Dylan Smith says:

    Thanks for the great collection! I have tried most of the plugins above and they’re all great. I have this plugin for embedding a photo stream on my website. Simple to use and works fast https://wordpress.org/plugins/iframe-embed-for-momentme/. It automatically collects images from social events worldwide and its free.

  54. Zapper says:

    Have a look at our new plugin – Scan-to-Login ! It is a new innovative way of website login and registration – just by scanning a QR Code on your website. Check it out here https://wordpress.org/plugins/scan-to-login/

  55. Tony Johny says:

    I recomend Mingle forum that isnt here :D

  56. Cédric says:

    Thank you for this review but personally, I continue to use a forum from https://www.forumotion.com/ because the forums are more powerfull I think. The problem of WP plugins to create a forum is the limitations of possibilities. It’s less easy to set up according to my mind :) .

  57. Ashiq says:

    You can find all kind of WordPress theme and solution you having with any theme you are using. Just get in discuss all kind WP theme problem will solve in a minute.

  58. Even says:

    Why not try QDiscuss https://wordpress.org/plugins/qdiscuss/, I think it’s the best.

  59. Suraj Soni says:

    Sadly i don’t have any of them, going to install all of them right now.

  60. Paul says:

    2 of them i already have installed on one of my wordpress site and i will use other 3 too which looks promising.

  61. Misel D. says:

    There is a lot of WordPress Forum Plugins on Envato Market Themeforest or Codecanyon, try to search there.

  62. Rishad says:

    i prefer bbPress Bulletin Boards wordpress plugin to build forum for my website, because it look professional and it is bugs fee

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