bbPress WordPress Plugin Installs Forum in One Click

The first integration of bbPress forums as a WordPress plugin enables bloggers to add forums in one click to increase reader engagement to their site.

bbPress forumsYou read our 10 best reasons to install bbPress and for long time bbPress has been one of the best free forum softwares out there, and now it is also the easiest forum software you could ever integrate with WordPress. Right now the latest bbPress 2.0 beta in active development and you should try it on a test wordpress installation. Download bbPress WordPress Plugin (in beta testing) to see the new features.

bbPress WordPress integration


The new version will allow seamless integration with your WordPress site and theme, allowing integrated admin interface for forums, topics, and replies, splitting and merging topics within a single forum. Shortcodes will help you customize where your forums appear and there is the integrated child theme of TwentyTen for starters.

The power of WordPress will let you keep track of changes with topic and reply revisions, mark topics as favorites, receive emails when new replies are posted to topics you subscribe to, get forum widgets in sidebars and anonymous posting lets you open your community.

It will work with WordPress hooks, and Multisite application means that you can host unlimited bbPress forums. The important thing is there are no additional database tables and it promises to work in sync with BuddyPress Forums and WP caching plugins.

Something great is happening … I know a lot of bbPress forum owners are looking for the importer to migrate all their forums to the new WordPress integrated platform … and the time will come soon. I tried the beta and it is still buggy as of now, but I am sure the amazing WordPress community will make it better soon, and them all WordPress bloggers can get a one click forum of their own. Meanwhile there are many other WordPress Forum Plugins you can also try.


  1. seema sinha says:

    This BB press works like magic.It helped me in installing forum on my website in 5 minutes.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Steven says:

    bbPress is an absolutely awesome plugin, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I use it on pretty much all of my WordPress installations, and it always works a charm.

    Heed the recommendation above ^^

  3. Violeta says:

    bbPress is great, However, it still needs some “ironing”, so I’m looking forward to future versions.

  4. Swamykant says:

    bbPress is good forum software but I prefer phpBB. It is free and advance bulletin software.

  5. aksel_fruder says:

    bbPress is awesome, might apply it, too. generally, i am not a coder, but very morivated designer. anyone help me choose the best tool for psd conversion to wordpress?

  6. Adam James says:

    Really like bbpress, considering it’s still in beta I think it’s pretty good, still more room for features though, but I expect they’ll come soon. Thanks for sharing.

  7. MSL says:

    I just installed the bbpress plugin, but im not sure how to allow people the register, its asks for uri’s where do i find that.

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