Now Buy Hostgator India Hosting

Hostgator India has launched hosting operations on Indian servers, and promises the same world class hosting services as its US operations.  HostGator is one of the 10 largest hosting companies in the world and HostGator India accounts can now be bought at

hostgator indiaThis is a big step as big hosting companies recognize the importance of millions of India based sites and the need to diversify their hosting business into India. We got an email from Hostgator offering a free 7 day test / trial account of their shared HostGator India accounts. You can email them to get a beta testing account. This was possibly sent out to current HostGator clients with a billing address in India only.

India Site Owners Advantage

HostGator India will now host your site on servers in India. They have already started an India office at Nashik, Maharashtra which provides 24×7 technical hosting and billing support. This will benefit Indian webmasters and small hosting resellers as their primary working hours will be in India time and you can physically visit the office if needed.

Additionally the latency to the Indian servers from within India and Asia is very low, so you get quick access times leading to quick loading admin/cpanel, faster loading sites with quicker site response time for visitors, without the need for a CDN for your primary Asian traffic.

Hostgator India Plans

The hosting plans and server pricing on are exactly same as US site However, you will have to pay service tax @ 10.30% extra as required by Indian tax laws.

Right now don’t be surprised to see hosting plans in USD or lack of payment mode by local banks and credit cards, as they will all be integrated soon enough. The wait is over for Hostgator customers in India.

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