Remove Mac Malware: MacDefender, MacProtector, MacSecurity

Apple Mac computers are being actively infected with malware called MacDefender, MacProtector, MacSecurity and users must remove them as soon as possible  as it is part of a phishing attempt to grab your credit card details.

Typically the phishing scam targets Mac users by redirecting to fake websites, which tell them that their computer is infected with a virus and offers Mac Defender (or MacProtector, MacSecurity) “anti-virus” software to remove the virus. Apple will release a Mac OS X software update that will automatically find and remove Mac Defender malware and its known variants… but right now you need to protect and clean your Mac.

Remove MacDefender, MacProtector, MacSecurity

Apple gives detailed steps for removal. If such a malware security software attempts to install or is auto-installed

  • Quit Safari or any other browser > or Force Quit.
  • Cancel the installation process
  • Never enter your administrator password
  • Delete the installer (Downloads folder > Drag installer to Trash > Empty Trash)

To remove the malware

  • Go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor > All Processes > Quit Process – MacDefender, MacSecurity or MacProtector (this step will also help you find if your Mac is already infected)
  • Applications > Drag installer to Trash
  • Open System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items > Remove app

Mac computers were very popular due to the fact that common Windows viruses did not affect Macs. But of late more malware are being created targeting Mac computers, so no wonder so many antivirus software are being developed for the Mac OS X.

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