Happy Geek Pride Day!

Are you proud to be a geek? Well then celebrate Geek Pride Day today on 25 May and join geeks across the world. Geek Pride Day is an initiative to promote geek culture across the world.

Wikipedia has more details about the Geek Pride day and highlights the responsibilities of geeks

love geeks

  1. Be a geek, no matter what.
  2. Try to be nerdier than anyone else.
  3. If there is a discussion about something geeky, you must give your opinion.
  4. To save and protect all geeky material.
  5. Do everything you can to show off geeky stuff as a “museum of geekiness.”
  6. Don’t be a generalized geek. You must specialize in something.
  7. Attend every nerdy movie on opening night and buy every geeky book before anyone else.
  8. Wait in line on every opening night. If you can go in costume or at least with a related T-shirt, all the better.
  9. Don’t waste your time on anything not related to geekdom.
  10. Try to take over the world!

Take the quick test and find if you are a geek, nerd or dork. Check your geek code and did you know Paris Hilton is a geek too. Are you a geek? [Image credits]

4 comments on “Happy Geek Pride Day!

  1. Swamykant says:

    I am also very proud to be a geek. Happy Geek Pride day :)

  2. Tech Crates says:

    Even I am proud… Happy Geek Pride day

  3. RealTimeTricks says:

    Another proud geeky here, ;). Happy Geek Pride day.

  4. TechnicalLee says:

    I may be late in posting, but that’s part of being a geek…and proud of it! Great blog, too!

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