6 Top WordPress Backup Services Compared

Which are the best WordPress Backup Services? WordPress is an open source content management system, most often used as a blog publishing application, powered by PHP and MySQL. Today, WordPress is one of the leading open source CMS systems available.

WordPress (WP) backup plugins enable WP users to safely backup the site’s MySQL database, files, themes, media etc to prevent against storage crashes, hackers and other faults. Below is a list of the comparison of some of different backup services for WP

WordPress Backup Services

NamePriceFull site backupStorageOther features/demerits
BlogVault$25-$99/yrYesAmazon S3 serversEasy scripted restore, Trial-restore, Automatic backup
WP-DB ManagerFreeNo (only DB)Email backups, local storageRepair/manage DB, Automatic backup
WP DB BackupFreeNo (only DB)Email backups, local storage
Automatic WordPress BackupFreeYesAmazon S3 (Account needed, not provided with service)Automatic backup, Linux only
BackupBuddy$25-$197/yrYesEmail backups, FTP backupsInstall WordPress through plug-in, Automatic backup, Scripted restore

* VaultPress is not released to public yet, hence not included above.

1 Vaultpress

VaultPress is created by Automattic, the owner of WordPress. It offers full backup services to privately hosted WP sites. The service is still in beta. In addition to backup, the service aims to offer services to provide security updates, security alerts & blog monitoring. VaultPress plans to charge about $15/month for their service. [Update: Read the Vaultpress review]

2. Blogvault

BlogVault is a premium WordPress backup service that backups all aspects of the blog (Database, Plug-ins, Themes, Images, Media, Comments etc). The backup process is automated and the data is saved to Amazon S3 servers. The service costs between $25 – $99/year depending on the size and number of sites backed up.

The features provided include automated timed backup, multiple blogs, full restore (via a script), move/migrate blogs & trial restore (provides a dry run of the restore on its servers). Additionally, all non-DB backups are incremental (only new/modified files) reducing the load on the site.

3. WP DB Manager

WP-DB manager is a popular WordPress plug-in that backs up the WP database. The plug-in is more of a DB management plug-in than a backup service. It provides DB repair, delete, backup & automated-backup. However, the plug-in does not backup WP files, themes and only the database. Additionally, restore has to be done using MySQL tools.

4. WP-DB backup

WP DB backup is a WP backup plug-in that is similar to the WP-DB manager without its database management features. It provides automatic scheduled backups of the database of your WP website. It can send the backups to an email or just use local storage. Like the WP-DB manager, it does not backup all aspects of the blog and restore has to be done manually.

5. Automatic WordPress BackUp

Automatic WordPress backup backs up your database as well as the themes, plug-ins, media etc. The backup is automatic or manually triggered and backup is stored in Amazon S3 storage. An Amazon S3 storage account is necessary to use the plug-in. However, the plug-in does not provide any restore features and is Linux only (Windows not supported).

6. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy provides full site backup, including themes, plug-ins, media etc. Admins can use the automatic backup option to set periodic backup. The backup can uploaded sent by email or FTP or kept in local storage. The pricing options range from $25-$197 per year. The plug-in provides restore feature that can automatically migrate/move the blog.

Several other plug-ins exists that provide WordPress backup services, but above are some of the premium/popular services.

Guest author Akshat C is a system programmer and web developer and the founder of BlogVault. 

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